The Empire

Session 15 - There's no peace in the jungle when the moon is high

Everybody's fightin' - nobody knows why...

Game Session 15: 2/27/15
In-game Dates: Sarenth 20, 4720 – Erastus 9, 4720

  • War drums began from the Bekyar camp, likely warned by the escaped ambush party member
    • The group evaded detection and circled back to the Bekyar camp
  • Stroot led a one-half-man infiltration mission into the camp
    • 5 large slave carts were full to the brim with people
      • Contact was made with a group of Nexian nobles (Lady Isslar), and the Ginsi Halfling warriors (Chief Baldo) within the carts
      • 3 of the carts contained Bekyar villagers
    • All of the cages were opened at once and chaos ensued
      • The Nexian Nobles and Ginsi Warriors escaped unharmed
      • Nearly all of the Bekyar villagers were recaptured, and almost half were killed in the chaos
  • The large group returned to the Ginsi village
    • Lady Isslar, Baroness of the bordering region of Nex and her party of nobles had been traveling from New Limit to Kibwe to investigate rumblings of an economic shift
  • A grand ceremony took place back at the Ginsi village
    • Involved a large rope of herbs and magic draped across the river, causing it to glow with vibrant colors for the night
    • Chief Baldo declared the Ginsi tribe an ally to Haven, and would support them with his warriors in the future
    • The tribe ferried the group across Lake Madoro back to Haven
  • On the 4th of Erastus – The newly formed army of Haven began to march towards the Bekyar camp
    • It stopped briefly at the Ginsi tribe and united with Baldo’s Ginsi warriors
  • The Kango and Bekyar had completely fortified the Madoro ruins
  • The decision was made to continue North and attack the Unta camp
    • Camp Unta was extremely quiet, held only by a handful of Kango warriors
    • The Haven army pushed to attack, while a small team snuck into the camp from behind to release the hostages
    • During the assault a trap was sprung and two enormous Stegocentipedes were released
      • A large portion of the Unta villagers were being used as reanimating food to keep the Stegocentipedes sedated
    • Both the trap and the Kango army were defeated, but none of the Unta villagers were found alive


Cidwin Cidwin

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