The Empire

Session 18 - Let's split up, gang!

Never split the party...

Game Session 18: 3/27/15
In-game Dates: Arodus 13, 4720 – Arodus 18, 4720

  • During the night, Faraji became extremely ill with Sleeping Sickness
  • The group entered the Da’Khe Zenj encampment in the morning with the local farmers
    • They encountered Chief Da’Khe, the matriarch leader of the tribe, who immediately questioned their reasons for being in the Mwangi Expanse
    • Many of the tribe believed that the Haven settlers were the cause of the current plague of insects
      • The times that the plague began correlate very closely to when the ETC army defeated Mazani and returned to Haven
  • The group stayed the night at the camp and were aided by a grey cloaked tribal healer named Kuleo
    • During that night, all of the group and villagers seemed to worsen in condition
      • Bloodhaze mosquito swarms appear across Lake Madoro each night at sundown and attack the Da’Khe tribe
  • Faraji created an arsenic mixture to attempt to fight off the Sleeping Sickness parasites
    • Although it made him extremely ill, it was successful
    • Xelas and Archibald were later cured with a similar mixture
  • The group decided to check out the middle of the Lake where the insects were seen to appear
    • An enormous pipe was found submerged in the middle of Lake Madoro, that seemed to lead in the direction of the Madoro Ruins
  • The group headed to Haven for additional medicine
    • Warden Xelas was informed by one of his scouts that the Blood Ruby mine had been attacked
    • The group headed out immediately to the mine
  • Upon arrival at the mine, two rangers had been killed and two more were missing – the mine had been shut down
  • The group decided to try baiting out the creature at night
    • An intense battle was won against the newly named “Scorpicor” creature, and it was captured alive
    • Although not very intelligent, it oddly spoke Taldane, and made reference to the “Scorpion Lord, Lord of all Scorpions” and his mighty arena in the desert
  • Edo left the mine to return to the middle of the lake and seal off the pipe, hoping to prevent further insects form emerging
    • He arrived in Haven and recruited Morte to assist in sealing the pipe
    • A large mesh net was placed over the entrance to the pipe
  • At sundown, the water level in the immediate area dropped rapidly, obviously magical
    • A huge swarm of Bloodhaze mosquitoes was heard in the pipe
    • The mesh net was effective at keeping the mosquitoes contained for a few minutes
      • The grey cloaked man appeared over the water and immediately dispelled the defenses and illusions of Morte, dropping him into the pipe and tearing through the Net
      • Edo waits nearby, invisible and flying over the water


Cidwin Cidwin

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