Illie Arcamedies

"I'm sure they won't mind... they never do."


A sly an seductive woman, who is able to convince most to her way of thinking. She was was sold into slavery during a disagreement with her father and his gambling friends in Ecanus. She was then recruited in Kibwe when Edo happened upon them in their last attempt to round up slaves. The man who owned her actually offered no resistance when shown the legal document and did not even check its validity. Illie was happy to be freed and had many questions about her new job and was interested in the future possibilities that it may hold, especially getting back at her father.

Without her spell book, she was nothing more than a wizard of minor talents, but had used some of her more charming spells so much that even without it, she knew the incantations back and forth. It was not until Kibwe was she able to isolate her owner and get him under her sway. She now waits to see how best to rise through the ranks to find out where she can best gain an advantage. Her ultimate goal to make sure the Arcamedies name is brought back to the front of people’s lips and then to get revenge against her father and his friends.


Illie Arcamedies

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