Jim Lost

"Do you hear it calling? No? Me either."


Jim Lost is a strange character in a strange land. Lost Jim to those who know him, he’s either a maddeningly powerful ghost, a masterful liar, a lucky alcoholic amnesiac, or perhaps all three. Cast overboard by an Aspis captain during a storm in the Eye of Abendego for “Frightening the men”, he washed up on the Northern coast of the Sodden Lands. Somehow he managed to stumble his way alone through the Mwangi expanse and into a bar in Bloodcove, where the same Aspis captain reportedly fled in terror at the sight of him.

Jim spends long hours staring into nothingness, followed by fits of hysterical laughter. He’s never been seen to walk in a straight line, and appears to be in a state of perpetual insobriety, regardless of drinking or not. Of virtually zero practical use, when questioned about his presence in the expedition, Jessyca Du’Chagnye responds in very serious tones that she believes him to be an immortal spirit. Most laugh in her face and chalk it up to her Mwangi half, but when in the Expanse she watches his every move in anticipation.

Jim Lost

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