"In a few generations, you could even be as evolved as us!"


Kipenze is the sole survivor of the ancient Madoro civilization. She swore an oath to protect the seals that hold Cho-Uda, and has been granted immortality to complete this task while within the confines of Madoro. Despite this grim task, she remains a polite and playful girl with a thirst for knowledge of this new era.

Kipenze agreed to join the Empire Trading Company formally after Edo helped reinstate the seals on Cho-Uda’s chamber. She cannot leave the Ruins of Madoro, but enjoys the frequent visits as the group stops in, and hopes that one day they will expand their civilization to include Madoro.

Although she clearly means well, she comes off as extremely condescending in most conversation. According to the history she tells, her people evolved from mere humans and advanced into the perfect civilization.

Kipenze has become fast friends with Morte, and was saddened to see him leave for Haven.


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