Rathskell Bloodclaw

"I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life."


A small ratfolk covered in black fur with grey spots. He wears a dark leather armor and somehow procured a tailblade before leaving Kibwe.


Rathskell was one of three ratfolk freed from the Kibwe Mining Company. He as well as Cyrus Snoutscar and Akagi Plaguetail were purchased just over a year ago and forced to work in the mines. Rathskell quickly showed his value to the Mining company by demonstrating that he and his companions were better used as scouts in the dark tunnels to find profitable veins of gold left untouched. Little is known from his time before a slave but he has proven to be a valuable scout. When offered a spear by a member of the Empire Trading Company he turned it down in favor of his claws that are naturally long and have been sharpened to a fine edge.

Rathskell Bloodclaw

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