Slizzath the Green

"You mammalss ssssweat too much..."


As the direct offspring of King Vesket and the only surviving member of the Candlemere Tribe in the Stolen Lands; Slizzath the Green was brought into the Kingdom of Balaur as a whelp. Raised in an unstable human society during a time of conflict, his attitude towards the “Mammals” as he calls them is conflicted at best. Although he has never met another, his champion Lizardman breeding combined with an extensive civilized education gives him a unique advantage over the rest of his kind.

As one of three members from the Northern kingdom, Jurin Kreed has brought Slizzath to the Southern Continent to aid in the forming of his new company. Slizzath has joined him as an opportunity to understand others of his race, but primarily out of loyalty to some unknown events that took place during the fall. Neither will speak of their final months in the North.

Slizzath the Green

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