The eldest of Baldo’s five daughters, Zinnia is in charge of building and maintaining the boats for the village.

As the oldest she is used to being in charge, and once her mind is made up about something it is hard to change. She rarely ventures into the jungle preferring to traveling around Lake Madoro and it’s connected rivers. She is often seen traveling the rivers with bow in hand making sure the riverways are safe for others in the village.

She gets along well with her two youngest siblings, Marigold and Delphine, but lately has butted heads with Calla and Ianthe. Fighting with older two about everything from men to the proper way to gut a fish.

She finds Calla to have everything handed to her since Calla inherited her father’s arcane gifts.

She is proud of Delphine and all that she has accomplished despite her young age. Zinnia does tend to mother her though.

Zinnia is frustrated by the respect Ianthe gets from the other scouts and is secretly jealous of the time she gets to spend with their father.

Zinnia enjoys spending time with Marigold and although Marigold doesn’t speak much Zinnia finds that she often has insight into all kinds of problems.



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