Laws of Note

(From the minutes of the first official meeting of the Council of Haven, Sareneth 1, 4720)

Laws of Note:

Use of compulsion or charm spells are banned. Spells such as ‘Zone of Truth’ may be used in the process of a formal trial.
Use of animation or raising of dead are banned. Purely informational / communicative spells such as ‘Speak With Dead’ may be used in the process of a formal trial.

For council members: Council members wishing to retain their position, titles, possessions, etc. after reincarnation must have the spellcasting process be witnessed by at least three other Council members.

Worship of devils, demons, and other evil entities are banned within city limits. In the future, sections outside the city proper may be designated specifically for worship of such beings.

Buying, selling, and trading of slaves is forbidden inside city limits. Permanent residents may not own slaves. However, slaves are allowed to purchase their own freedom.

There are no restrictions on freedom of speech or expression, except for: Open threats, calls to violent rebellion, unlawful treason or sedition, or speech designed only to create unnecessary panic (falsely yelling ‘Fire’ in a crowded market).

Free open carry is allowed inside the city. Private establishments are allowed to require weapons be checked at the door.

Laws of Note

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