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Session 12 - I'm ahead, I'm a man, I'm the first mammal to wear pants, yeah...

I'm at peace with my lust, I can kill 'cause I trust, yeah... It's evolution baby...

Game Session 11: 1/30/15
In-game Dates: Desnus 26 – Sarenith 9, 4720

  • Edo was forced by the mask to make an immediate decision
    • Option one was to free Cho-Uda, as the Madoro people were no more and his sentence had been completed
    • Option two was to re-instate the seals on Cho-Uda, and fore-go the initial hardships suffered by the whims of the spirit – but risk becoming tempted once again by it’s power
    • Edo chose option two, and immediately was filled with the knowledge on how to re-instate the magical seals
  • Archibald still did not agree with this decision, but could see he had lost the argument
    • He requested the Remove Curse scroll and headed off for contemplation with Dopey
  • Edo went back to the chamber and began a complicated series of actions that would bind Cho-Uda once more
    • The party ignored the plees from the spirit to release him
    • As the plees from Cho-Uda became more desperate, something obviously took notice
    • The dark statue representing the Monkey Demon Angazhan began it’s assault
      • Using the powers of the Golden Mask, Edo quickly dispatched the threat and completed the ritual
    • Cho-Uda gave one final threat, that at some point this seal would fail and they would face his wrath
  • Once re-sealed, the facility whirred with activity and became active again
    • A new chamber opened up to reveal another strange circular portal closely matching the one seen deep under Kibwe
      • The portal appeared disabled, lacking the activation ring according to Kipenze
    • The minting room was infused with power, allowing the conversion of one metal to an equal value of another metal
    • The “Evolution Engine”, according to Kipenze, was also reactivated (previously an empty furnace pit)
      • She described it as a right of passage for great warriors, that they could enter the chamber and see if they were deemed worthy
      • This chamber was not entered
  • Kipenze officially joined the Empire Trading Company, and goodbyes were said
    • The party left to reunite with the Caravan – leaving Archibald to gather his thoughts and catch up later with Dopey
  • (913 to 912) The Caravan was easily found in the nearby plains preparing to cross a large slow moving river
    • Harrassment of Edo began, as he was completely unwilling to remove the Golden Mask
    • Utonga and his men had not been treated well once the rumors of the groups demise spread
    • The caravan headed South around the Eastern side of Lake Madoro
  • (1112 to 1213) Scouting ahead to the second river crossing, an impressive bridge was discovered
    • It appeared to be extremely well constructed but had an enormous boulder on the opposite side
    • The boulder was guarded by Duck and Bocky, a massive two headed giant that spoke only Halfling and appeared to have a childlike fondness for small trinkets and clothing
      • Duck (the right head) appeared friendly, and told Stroot that he had already paid for a few passages – obviously mistaking him for another Halfling
      • It was revealed that Duck does business with one of the Halfling tribes in the desert to the South
      • Bocky (the left head) appeared limp and likely dead, but Duck claimed he was the bad one, and it was best that he did not speak
  • (1214) A few more days of scouting revealed an impressive Hot Spring and rare mineral deposit site
    • Harrassment of Edo continued, still refusing to remove the Mask
    • Tracks made by small creature were found at the spring, assumed to be left by local Halfling tribes
  • The caravan continued South, eventually coming to the large bridge guarded by Duck and Bocky
    • Stroot was able to negotiate an additional two passes using some children’s clothing for barter
  • (1215) The caravan continued safely to the final location
    • Kreed approached Edo with an impressive offer: Become the leader these people need, the face of the Empire Trading Company, and run this new civilization – but remove the mask. There was no negotiation in this offer.
    • Upon seeking council, Balbas agreed with Kreed that the Golden Monkey Mask was not the right face of a civilization attempting to grow beyond the threats of the Jungle
      • Eventually Edo relented, and removed the mask
  • On Sarenith 1st, 4720 – The Empire Trading Company Outpost of Haven was founded
    • TBD


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