The Empire

Session 13 - But Skeleton, you are my friend...

And I could never bring your life to an end...

Game Session 13: 2/13/15
In-game Dates: Sarenith 9 – Sarenth 20, 4720

  • The group began to explore the area surrounding Haven
  • (1315) A large heard of Stegosaurus was found in the plains near Haven, and dozens of tracks for other large beasts were discovered nearby
  • (1217) The Ginsi Planes halfling village was discovered near the waters of lake Madoro
    • They were being attacked by the Gibbous Moon Goblin Tribe (1317), led by the Chieftan’s son Thorx
      • The attack was successfully repelled with the help of the Empire Trading Company
    • The Ginsi tribe priestess Schony offered the group food and shelter for the night, and mentioned that their warriors (led by Chief Baldo) had left on an expedition to Kibwe for supplies
      • Priestess Schony politely declined the offer to move to Haven, as the spirits warned her against that action
  • While headed north in the Jungle, the group heard a terrible screaming at night
    • A skeleton was being pulled apart by 7 large white apes, who took off into the jungle with pieces
    • The skull introduced itself as Morte and requested the help of the group to recover it’s body
      • Morte detected with strong evil and necromancy magic
    • The group decided it was best to destroy the skull, and Edo proceeded to Smite it with his spear
      • Halfway through the smiting, Morte somehow switched bodies with Edo and attempted to escape
    • After disabling Edo’s body, it was determined that nobody (including Morte) knew how the switch happened, or how to reverse it
      • An uneasy agreement was formed that the group would aid Morte in recovering his body, if he would allow Edo to return to his own
  • The group tracked the white apes deeper into the Jungle, towards the “Sky Peak” mountain
    • (1119) A treetop village of white gorillas (and monkies) was discovered
    • An enormous white gorilla dropped from the treetop and questioned the group’s purpose
    • Very brief negotiations led to an arrangement where they would release Morte’s body, but in return the group took responsibility for him and he was to be removed from the Jungle forever
      • He revealed that a previous ambassador to their tribe was killed (by Kreed’s Gun)
  • It was confirmed that Morte could not leave the Jungle due to the Curse on his ring (which matched Archibald’s)
    • The group decided to detour North towards the ruins of Madoro
    • On the way back to the ruins of Madoro Xelas was struck deaf inexplicably
  • (915) A advance Bekyar war-party was stationed back at the ruins of Madoro, setting up battlements
    • Morte used some clever illusions and scared them off without incident or conflict
    • Kipenze and Morte were introduced, and it was decided to leave Morte at the ruins until a way to break the curse could be found
      • Stroot and Archibald braved a few hours in the Evolution Engine, with varied degrees of success
  • The group headed North towards the Bekyar camp to begin scouting, but were caught in an ambush


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