The Empire

Session 16 - When does the War really end?

War... War never changes...

Game Session 16: 3/06/15
In-game Dates: Erastus 9, 4720 – Erastus 18, 4720

  • The Haven army spent the night in the newly taken Unta camp
    • During the night the army was harassed by Kango warriors
    • Excellent scouting ensured that the harassment did not escalate to conflict during the night
  • The next day the army marched on the ruins of Madoro and engaged the Kango in a decisive battle
    • The leaders of the army pushed through waves of elite warriors into the Madoro palace
  • Mazani had the remaining Bekyar villages held captive in a large cage within the palace
    • He was deftly dispatched an error involving an invisible Morte and a dropped necklace of fireballs left him vulnerable
    • As Edo landed the final strike, his dying breath whispered “Mezmazz, remember our deal…”
  • His body was immediately torn in half as a massive nightmarish spider creature burst out of it
    • The battle was fierce, but was won when Edo donned the Golden Monkey Mask once again and unleashed it’s power
  • The Bekyar villagers were freed from their bondage and offered the chance to join the Empire Trading Company in Haven
    • Utonga was found inside the cage with the remaining Bekyar
      • Being the most respected of the remaining tribe, he assumed a leadership role over the Bekyar faction and agreed to join Edo on the journey back to Haven
  • The trip back to Haven was mostly uneventful, but the return to Haven was filled with celebration from most
    • The Bekyar faction was less well received, but has been able to peacefully establish a small camp on the opposite side of Haven as the other tribesmen


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