The Empire

Session 17 - My world is an empty place...

Like I've been wandering the desert For a thousand days...

Game Session 17: 3/20/15
In-game Dates: Erastus 18, 4720 – Arodus 13, 4720

  • The group set out to scout the surrounding terrain Immediately upon return to Haven
    • The exploration began by heading East down the river towards the Shattered Range
    • During one of the nights a group of animals was heard fighting for multiple hours, but the group did not investigate further
  • The group then veered south into the Desert
    • During the daytime the desert is nearly impossible to navigate due to a strange heat mirage
    • At night the moon causes the sand to glow and it becomes much easier to explore
  • (1313) A strange rock formation was found in the desert
    • It was home to a den of Crimson Basalisks that were promptly dealt with
      • The rock formation had an underground vein of Blood Rubies, a rare exotic resource that increases arcane power at the cost of one’s own health
  • The Arodus Council meeting was held
    • A large waterfront was created to engage the Ginsi tribe in trade
    • Abioye Sabura and his followers completed a dangerous hunt in the southern plains, and were handsomely rewarded by Nemet Hesingwary
      • Abioye offered the rewards to the Council in hopes that he would be considered for future position
    • Morte was brought into Haven, and given a Hat of Disguise
      • She now goes by the name Morticia
  • The group set out towards the Gibbous Moon goblin tribe on the 9th of Arodus
  • Chief Baldo was consulted about the goblins, and he mentioned that they had become far more organized of late
    • Their encampment is within a maze-like cavern complex in the nearby Jungle
    • Baldo has caved in multiple entrances, but it seems that there are always more
      • Priestess Schony recommended that the ETC make peaceful contact with the Savannah tribe North of Lake Madoro
  • The group set North towards the Zenj
    • (1116) An amazing growth of rare and valuable flowers was found in the jungles North of the Ginsi
  • (1016) Some small tribal farms were passed while exploring
    • The animals in the farmland had all been drained of blood
  • That night the group was woken by a high pitched buzzing noise, as massive swarm of red mosquitos began to sweep through the area
    • The group protected another local farm that night by dispersing the swarm
    • Many of the group were drained by the vicious insects, including the children of the family and some of their farm animals


Cidwin Cidwin

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