The Empire

Session 5 - I'll write on your tombstone "I thank you for dinner"

This game that we animals play is a winner

Game Session 5: 11/14/14
In-game Dates: Gozran 24 – Desnus 1, 4720

  • Collected a small sapling from the giant tree before returning to the Caravan
    • Mitzy began entering Edo’s tent for comfort each night
  • Continued venturing west towards Kibwe
  • (716) Discovered a natural Salt Mine of great potential value
    • There are some strange salt crystal scorpion creatures inhabiting the salt mine
  • (717) Encountered Nemet Hesingwary, the Great Mwangi Hunter in his tree fortress
    • Nemet is looking for 10 Dinosaur Pelts from the hills to the Southwest
    • Spent the night at Nemet’s treehouse, sharing his food, drink, and company
  • (718) Discovered a large memorial wall in the jungle
    • The wall is split into two sides, a “Tribal” side, and a “Civilized” side
    • Edo prayed at the civilized side of the wall, and the jungle seemed to respond by sending a horde of insects
    • The tribal side had many offerings, of note was a magical ring that Archibald took
  • Archibald began having terrible nightmares of being lost in the Jungle, haunted by the increasing tempo of tribal drums
  • The ring was identified to be a powerful knowledge tool about the Mwangi Jungle
    • When Archibald put on the ring, he was unable to take it off
    • Legend Lore revealed that the ring previously belonged to Old-Mage Jatembe, the protector of Culture and Knowledge of the Mwangi Jungle in the Age of Anguish
  • (719) Finally, after over a month of travel, the Caravan reaches Kibwe
    • Headed through the center of town to the Aspis Consortium compound, where Kreed and Jessyca entered to begin negotiations


Cidwin Cidwin

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