The Empire

Session 7 - So come out of your cave walking on your hands

And see the world hanging upside down...

Game Session 7: 12/12/14
In-game Dates: Desnus 3 – Desnus 6, 4720

  • Fara’ji offered to escort Dopey back to the entrance of the mine for safety
    • The two of them became lost for days, but eventually found their way out and back to the camp
  • The remaining party continued following the map deeper into the ancient mineshafts
  • Archibald’s nightmare returns one of the nights, but with additional clarity
    • The “Drums” he heard running through the jungle in his dream began to sound more like gunshots, and he could see hundreds of shadowy figures at war with each other in the jungle – using firearms
  • On the third day of exploration, the group came across a set of extremely large, ornate doors at the end of a blocked off section of the mine
    • They clearly had some sort of Elvish religious text, but it was indecipherable
  • Upon entering the doors, the group found themselves inside a strange black temple structure
    • The structure was illuminated by dark torches that produced an eerie black light
  • The map of the mines confirmed that the portal they seek was in this area, but became hard to decipher due to multiple levels of crisscrossing passages
  • The party defeated multiple encounters filled with shadowy denizens of the underworld, including some strange traps
  • A large Phase Spider was seen trapped in a magical circle in the rooms below while skulking through an odd “ventilation” shaft
    • The circle was broken, and the Spider (now called “Spot”) joined the group
    • Spot had spent his lifetime in this complex, and witnessed the dark ones come out of the portal and kill his masters
    • He knew of Grendal, and was not interested in returning to his service
  • The group found the portal, and after a few very strange attempts managed to put it into a stasis mode by inserting Grendal’s ring
    • It seemed that the portal directly linked to three active places at this time
      • One was a room with an extremely large 12 headed Hydra (Temporarily minus three heads)
      • The second was a room flooded with a green sludge liquid, filled with a noxious green vapor that seemed deadly
      • The third was a room that mirrored the one the portal was in, but an ominous drumbeat could be heard in the background
  • Done with the mission, the odd troupe made their way back out of the mines
    • While exiting the actual mining complex, they were halted by the guards but saved by a quick bluff and the aid of Mazani Unta
  • Upon returning to the Empire Trading Company, the group reunited with Faraji
  • A few days prior to their return (coinciding with the activation of the portal) Jurin Kreed had received a large stack of papers from a messenger
    • The paperwork contained the binding contracts of every slave in Kibwe, which had legally transferred ownership to the Empire Trading Company
    • Kreed and Auron had been busy confirming the paperwork, and were left baffled as to how this was possible
  • The next few days in Kibwe will prove to be the most challenging that the Empire Trading Company has faced yet, as they must now decide on how to collect their workers
    • Contract Documentation:
    • 352 Slave Contracts
      • 57 – Aspis Consortium (Highly skilled workers and guards)
      • 112 – East Mwangi Trading Company (Split between Miners and Office Staff)
      • 131 – Bekyar Tribe Slaves (Random Distribution of all races/ages/skillsets)
      • 52 – Assorted Slave Contracts from local nobles, merchants, and businesses


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