Balbas Auron

"The Order of Numbers clearly states that..."


An adventuring priest in his younger days, Balbas Auron is a kindly older man that has spent the majority of his life spreading the teachings of Abadar. The past decade was spent with his cat Nester, teaching in the grand libraries of Quantium, the capital city of Nex. Balbas had become a well respected figure, comfortable in his routine until his calling came once again.

Hearing news of the Alkenstar Range Expansion, Balbas took it as a sign from Abadar that his services would be needed to spread the teachings of order and civilization to the untamed wilds. His longstanding influence within the Church gathered immediate support, and they have since bought into the Empire Trading Company as founding members.

Fully backed by the might of the Church of Abadar, Balbas and Nester set forth into what is likely their final adventure.

Balbas Auron

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