Gunter Stonecutter

"Ha! What kind of Dwarf lives in a tree?"


Gunter Stonecutter is younger member of the Fraternal Order of the Anvil from Katapesh, and a self-proclaimed expert in all things geological and mineral – in other words, a real Dwarf. Although he has some skill with a hammer, Gunter is a miner by trade and has aspirations of becoming a foreman one day. When the call for support to the guild was made from the Church of Abadar, Gunter saw the opportunity for advancement and volunteered himself for the expedition.

Honest, hardworking, and loyal, Gunter represents all the best qualities of his people. He has joined the cause of Balbas Auron in the Empire trading company, and has taken some small interest in his teachings.

Gunter Stonecutter

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