Ianthe is the second oldest of Baldo’s five daughters. She is one of the village’s scouts and hunters.

Ianthe has been following her father into the jungle since she was little, and steadily grew into the role. She began as a mascot of the scout team but has since proven herself to be a valuable asset. She is perhaps the boldest of the daughters and never backs away from a fight. She was one of the scouts that accompanied the Empire Trading Company back to the village after the successful rescue of their hunters.

She gets along well with Calla and Delphine but doesn’t always see eye to eye with Zinnia and Marigold.

Ianthe feels that Zinnia thinks she knows everything just because she is slightly older and thinks that as the oldest should have also joined the scouts.

She admires Calla’s magical gifts and the fact that Calla will join with her to go against Zinnia’s control of the docks.

She sees Delphine as a kindred spirit and will often accompany her into the jungle to collect her plant samples.

Ianthe has always tried to get Marigold to do more things and feels that she spends too much time alone with the spirits and not enough time out exploring the world around her.



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