Master Alchemist Borume

"The apes? A trivial matter, worthless to consider."


Master Alchemist Borume represents the city of Oenopion on Nex’s ruling Council of Three and Nine – sitting on the Council of Nine. His main rival is Dunn Palovar, representative of the city of Ecanus; each is tireless in his attempts to increase his own standing on the council and reduce that of his opponent. Borume does not attend the much in person. Instead, he transfers his consciousness into an alchemical automaton which he uses to attend meetings.

A difficult man to like, his attitude towards the efforts of Ducal and the fighting men of New Limit seemed to be “Add more bodies until we win.” His interest in the outpost is centered solely on whatever they seem to have found in the area, and not on the survival of the people there.

Master Alchemist Borume

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