Mitzy "The Beater" Pinkle

"Oy! Look down again, I'll cap yer knees."


Standing an impressive 3’5", Mitzy had a reputation as one of the best – if not most dangerous – enforcers for hire in Bloodcove. Splitting her career between bouncing rowdy pirate bars and Aspis Consortium “collections”, her resume eventually came across the desk of Jessyca Du’Chagnye. The two hit it off immediately and have been working together for the past few years exclusively.

Mitzy is the primary bodyguard and left hand of Jessyca Du’Chagnye. Although “Miss Jessy” pays the bills, their relationship is extremely casual due to, as Mitzy puts it, “She keeps me off leash, yeah?”

Mitzy "The Beater" Pinkle

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