The Empire

Session 19 - Death, Unlife, and Rebirth

...and then I got better.

Game Session 19: 4/3/15
In-game Dates: Arodus 19, 4720 – Arodus 29, 4720

  • Back at the lake, Edo attacked the Grey Robed man and learned that it was clearly some sort of demon
    • Despite an impressive effort, he lost the fight and was flushed down the large pipe towards Madoro with Morte
    • Edo drank a water breathing potion which delayed the inevitable, but the journey underwater took far too long
      • When Edo awoke from drowning he was in Morte’s body, and Morte had clearly sacrificed himself
      • Edo’s body was incredibly aged upon death, suspected to be a result of overuse of the Golden Monkey Mask
  • The group at the mine named the Scorpicor “Lucky Number Sleven” after it lost dozens of games of dice with Stroot
    • Sleven was eventually released with a message for the Scorpion Lord, Lord of all Scorpions – “Drianus comes for the Scorpion Lord.”
  • Spot was assigned to guard the Blood Ruby mines from further scorpion attacks
    • A position he gladly accepted
  • The group reunited in Haven, with Edo in Morte’s skeletal body
    • The team left for the Da’Khe village to confront Kuleo
  • Once at the Da’Khe village, Kuleo was found to detect with strong binding magic
    • Chieftan Da’Khe agreed to let the party bring Kuleo out of the City and attempt to bind the demon
    • The demon was successfully bound, and interrogation let on that it was summoned by Grendal
      • Although motives are still unknown, the orders were to get the Da’Khe tribe to move from that location by the least lethal method possible
      • Kuleo was awoken and the demon was rebound, for now
  • After hearing this news, the Chief agreed to move her tribe to Haven for the time-being
  • After some discussion, Edo’s original body was gathered and the group teleported to Quantium, capital city of Nex
    • Xelas stayed behind to assist the tribe moving, and keep Kuleo awake during the transition
  • Edo’s body was reincarnated into a female Gnoll by a druid in Quantium
    • Morte’s soul was returned into the body, but the two quickly switched back
    • The group stocked up on some supplies, and armed Morte with a spellbook and the teleport spell
    • Morte brought the group safely back to haven, and then requested to have some time off to reflect the recent events
  • The team took a few days off to help the Da’Khe move into Haven, and then headed to the Blood Ruby mine to begin seeking out the missing rangers


Cidwin Cidwin

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