The Empire

Session 20 - 4 days and 4 nights

Plus or minus a few...

Game Session 20: 4/10/15
In-game Dates: Arodus 29, 4720 – Rova 7, 4720

  • The group began the journey into the desert towards the mountain range that Sleven pointed at, attempting to find the Scorpion Lord, Lord of all Scorpions
  • One day out into the desert, Archibald and Stroot were swept away a day into the future by a massive Temporal Storm
    • The Storm seemed to come from the direction of the Shattered Range, and is likely a side effect of the chaotic energy of the Mana Wastes
  • After leaving a few notes, Edo, Xelas, and Fara’ji continued the journey into the Desert
    • Archibald and Stroot attempted to head back to the Blood Ruby mines, but became incredibly lost and turned around
  • Xelas predicted a sand storm roughly a day out in their location
  • Edo, Xelas, Fara’ji, and The Avatar were all captured during an ambush by strange “Sand Men” creatures
    • The creatures dragged them directly into the sand
  • In the future, Archibald and Stroot were caught in the sandstorm
    • During the storm they successfully fought off one of the strange “Sand Men” creatures
    • After the storm they found an ancient temple that appeared to have been buried in the sand for ages
    • Within the temple, they recovered Edo and Xelas from strange crystal chambers very similar to the one that held Cho’Uda
  • A massive sand statue of Fara’ji had been created in the back of the underground temple
    • Fara’ji was held captive in another crystal chamber lodged in the back of the massive statue
    • Upon approach, Fara’jizord attacked and a fierce battle began
      • During the battle, a massive sand version of The Avatar came up from the ground and joined with Farajizord, to create The Faravatar
  • Eventually the statues were defeated and both Fara’ji and The Avatar were recovered safely
  • Another Sarcophagus was found in a small chamber under the sand where the statue stood
    • Within, the group found the second Mask – revealed to be the Warrior Mask of the Jackal
    • Archibald donned the mask first
      • The Jackal mask is strongly neutral aligned, and seemed to have the code to “Protect and Honor the dead”
      • Although obviously very powerful, no further powers of the mask were explored
  • Reunited at last, the group continued into the desert towards the mountains, eventually reaching the primary breakthrough point
  • The terrain changed radically at the breakthrough, revealing a hellish landscape of sharp rocks, hills, and canyons, all surrounded in an inferno like heat
    • The colossal black scorpion could be seen hunting this region from nearly a mile away, moving swiftly from target to target
    • Many other strange predators were seen in this region, and it seemed to be active with wildlife
  • Although spending the night and continuing to search, the constant presence and danger of the massive scorpion caused the group to retreat, leaving the missing rangers to their fates
  • The group turned back to Haven, and arrived safely a few days later


Cidwin Cidwin

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