Beach Party 1

The Ginsi tribe are setting up their Embassy at the edge of Lake Madoro and Calla has invited Drianus to attend the opening party.

Stroot walks up to the front of the large hut and knocks, after a few moments a young Halfling girl answers the door, her eyes light up when she sees him and giggles.

“I am here as the official representative of Haven Council for the grand opening of the new embassy.”
The girl giggles again, “I know why you’re here Mr. Strootman, if you will follow me everyone is out back.”

Stroot follows the girl through the hut and out through a large opening in the back. He sees many other halflings, some that have come with Calla and others living in Haven already. There are also quite a few others who have shown up at the party. Archibald is talking to a few halflings while partaking of the buffet that has been laid out. Fara’ji is speaking with young male halfing. Xelas is talking with a few of the halfing raiders, and Edo is speaking with many Halflings who seem wary at first but then grow more comfortable as the party goes on.

Many of the halflings come over to talk to Stroot, and he greets them back even though they know his name he does not know many of theirs. After making his way through the crowd, Stroot sees Calla laying out on the beach looking bored. As she sees Stroot she jumps up and runs over smiling.

“I was afraid you weren’t coming Drianus.”

“I wouldn’t have missed this for the world, it is good to see people enjoying themselves after all the hardships that have happened lately. I thought I was the only member of the council that was invited though, my invitation said I was to be a special guest.”

“Now don’t be jealous Drianus, you are the special guest. I invited many of the council members but you are the only one I invited to be my date.”

“My lady, I didn’t realize I was to be your date. If I had known I would have brought you some flowers.”

“No need for that, now come, let’s walk around and talk to the others.” With that Calla takes Drianus’ arm and begins making rounds at the party. She seems to take great joy in showing Drianus off to the other halflings from the Ginsi village. Introducing him to the young Halfling talking to Fara’ji, her brother Thorn. They seem to be talking about books so she whirls him away to speak to some others.

Calla walks him down the buffet and tells him all about the different types of food they brought for the party from their village. After having walked through the party a few times she walks Stroot out towards the water. She turns and addresses the crowd, “Alright Everyone let’s go for a swim!”

Stroot looks a little distressed, “Madam, I did not bring anything to swim in. Your invitation didn’t say anything about swimming.”

Calla gives him a sideways smile, “Please call me Calla, we should be on a first name basis since we are on a date. If you need a change of clothes there should be something you can wear in the embassy, just ask Melody." She points at the young girl who Stroot met at the front door. “She can help you find something, just don’t take too long.” With that she pulls off her sundress revealing a bikini underneath and jumps into the water.

Beach Party 1

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