Edo's Journey 13 - Save the Day

This moment is glorious. I felt a rush of power that could only be the combined efforts of Abadar and the Mask. We stood victorious against that demon spider, the vile culmination of the Creeping Queen’s power and Mazani’s wickedness. It was a fierce battle and I was not sure if we were all going to make it out alive, I just knew that I could not let up one moment or else we would lose.

It has been quite a bit of time since I had the mask, and I’m quite glad Fara’ji gave it back. I’m sure it is a dangerous power when abused, but I hope he sees now that I can be trusted with it. Without it, I do not know if my powers alone would have defeated it before casualties occurred. I could tell that the monster had some sort of illusion of fear around it. My companions acted irrationally at times, but I could not tell why. Every time it called out in a wicked scream, I felt my resolve harden. It was as if Abadar himself focused my thoughts away from fear and into a pure sense of Justice, this monster was evil and it had to be vanquished. It was only at the point when I reached the stairs and saw the group backed against the corner did I realize that I could no longer hold back. With a shouted prayer I yelled for it’s demise and channeled the power of the mask and the righteousness of Abadar and swung my Bardiche and just kept swinging. Each hit seemed to not slow it down, but I just focused on hitting the same spot, his shell cracked from the power of the blows. Finally I felt the fourth one sink in and the light of Abadar was able to cleanse the beast from within. It was a glorious victory and I was able to save my friends.

On that note, I have to make sure we give Mort his thanks as well. I do not know how he knew, but he intervened at the perfect point. Had that fireball hit those in the cage, I could not imagine the damage it would have done. We now have a scroll of Break Enchantment, and I believe it may work on his ring. I want to free him and offer him a spot at our council, but our laws prohibit that. It was such an easy law to pass, one that seemed like no one would even write and just assume such, but I now regret writing that law. I hope I do not anger Abadar, but I seem to be wrong with the undead. He truly risked himself to help us and protect the lives of those in the cage and he did not have to. I would be as bold as to say that all undead are not evil, no still far from that. I can only say that I will give them a chance as I would any other creature. I can only believe that the undead still in control of their minds must carry their feelings from the past.

That night at the Gensi Camp, I know that I have earned the praises of Abadar. He has changed The Avatar into something more. The Avatar stands a bit taller, and has a look in his eyes that I see in those who protect the world. I have only heard of the stories of it, but never thought I’d be blessed with my own holy mount! It is a glorious day and I will not disappoint Abadar with his faith in me.

Edo's Journey 13 - Save the Day

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