Edo's Journey 17 - Pride

Is what I’m doing right for the city, or is it right for my own pride?

I’m sitting on the council, I knew this was going to be a hard sell to some of the people sitting here, but I did not even begin to imagine that the council’s vote would be split in half. Was it so hard to see that I am the same person? I’m still a paladin, a champion for law and the good of the city. I will always do what is best for the city, no matter what. Why do they not trust me? My own companions who I have laid down my life to help defend were on the edge of voting me off of my seat. I cannot believe that they would do that.

Or can I not believe that I would be selfish and hold onto a spot, trying to justify my presence to the world when I can still help from the sidelines? Fara’ji made an excellent point, I can only hope it was the underlying motivator for the down votes. They understand that I am a champion of justice, but do the people we talk to understand that? I can only hope that my reputation will show others that I am still worthy of their time.

Maybe I just need to realize that Abadar is testing me with this new trial. Am I willing to step down for the benefit of our city to help it grow?

I may have to, but until that vote comes up I’ll continue to work hard to show everyone that I am still Edo, and that I am still going to do what’s best for the city, even if it means stepping down.

Edo's Journey 17 - Pride

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