Edo's Journey 4 - Not Black or White

Trundling through the jungle, I couldn’t help but worry about the sights we were going to see. The wounds looked fresh on the rider, but that was days ago. New Limit could already be a smoking ruin by the time we get there, we have to hope they they are holding well.

I have also had a dream from Abadar last night. I could not remember it in it’s entirety but I the bits that still cling to me give me much hope. I remember seeing him like I was entering an office. He stopped writing and looked up to me. “Do you still remember what kind of person you were before me?” I could only look down at my feet, ashamed that I had not redeemed myself yet. “I do, I will always remember.” Before I could move I felt an arm on my shoulder, he was there looking at me. “Good, that is the most important thing you can do, is remember. Let those memories guide those who would commit the same wrongs, and also help those who follow the laws.” He put his arms on my wrists and held up my hands. “Use these to help build, to help fix that with is damaged or broken.” After that, it grows dark, and the next part is hazy. I can only remember seeing Utonga and his tribe.

Utonga, a person I hope to see again. I know that he is evil according to Abadar, but is he truly evil according to the Mwangi? Is he and his tribe just needing a guiding hand to show them a way of life without sacrifice and death? I wish I knew more about his customs and their “Creeping Queen”. They speak of her as if she is a deity of their lands, but I know so little of her. Perhaps she is known by some other name in our lands? Balbus did not seem to know her either, it could just be a powerful shaman of their ancestors for all I know. I do know that her methods of fighting this… taint of Angazhan is something I can not stand for. I do not know if the flies are supposed to eat this taint off of the girl like she is plagued, or if outsiders are the only ones who can possess this taint. Utonga was calm, and willing to help us and if we did not help the girl I could only wonder if they would have even attacked us? Maybe I can have more time to talk and understand him next time we meet. Although if someone disrupted a ritual from Abadar, I would be hard pressed to stand their presence as well. So maybe this is something I’ll have to think upon more, how to atone and find a compromise to their sacrifices and slavery.

Which leads me to my next thought. Is this taint of Angazhan bad? Was that monkey that tried to protect the girl, was that why they thought that girl was “tainted”? Is the taint, just a sign of friendship from the monkey tribes? I have heard many stories about the brutal and vicious nature of the monkey tribes in the jungle, but I can only wonder if that was caused by outsiders far in the past. What if their ancestors where murdered by those who now reside in Kibwe and they just never forgave us outsiders. Utonga also feared the jungle, so maybe its more just humans of all walks. If that is the case, is there ever a way to bridge the divide? Maybe a way to show them that civilization can benefit all groups and make a safer jungle for all. If they are just as the stories say and enemies to us for eternity, then we have another issue. No matter how we settle, if we’re to get supplies out of Kibwe, we will always face a risk of their attacks. Also if we start taking the main trade from Alkenstar, then the monkeys will notice increased travel in their jungle and increase their patrols. That could spell doom for our trading post if we can’t resupply easily.

For now those thoughts are only getting in the way of our prime mission right now. Saving those who need our help.

Edo's Journey 4 - Not Black or White

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