Fara'ji's Travel Log 2 - Old Prejudices and New Limit

Entry 4 – 30th of Pharast, 4720

I Bekyar.pngdid not expect to find those responsible for the tragedy we had uncovered in the jungle. I had anticipated some monstrous creature had tied her up and left her for dead. I knew that my journey was likely to bring me into contact with the Bekyar, but I thought I would have ample time to prepare myself for the encounter. Imagine my surprise when we stumbled upon a hunting party not four miles where we found the girl. I find their presence here to be an oddity. The Bekyar typically hunt in the western portions of the Expanse. In my limited experience, they never traveled much east of Kibwe, but I never claimed to be much of an expert on the matters of cannibals and slavers.

The band was of moderate size. I recognized the tattoos and piercings common among their people. Any doubts I had as to their intentions were erased when they began to ask about the size of our caravan. It’s their nature. Even if they aren’t planning an attack, the Bekyar were always eager to measure their strength against potential foes. I didn’t even notice the vine ropes until after, when Master Whisperwind told me.

Unfortunately, my companions did not seem to share my opinion of the Bekyar. Father Auron and Sir Edo seem to believe that they merely lack the grace of civilization. When we returned to our caravan after a brief palaver, the two put their heads together with Mister Archibald, no doubt hatching some ill conceived plot to meet peaceably. But I know the truth. Even after they’ve grown, a child never forgets the boogeyman.

Entry 5 – 31st of Pharast, 4720

“Everyone is a prisoner of his own experiences. No one can eliminate prejudices—just recognize them.” – Edward R. Murrow, Varisian Diplomat

On rereading my log entry from the night before, I feel ashamed of my words. I allowed myself to make assumptions about the world as I knew, and it almost prevented my from learning more of the world as it is. Sir Edo’s and Mister Archibald’s plan was moderately successful in that we were given the opportunity to sit with the leader of the hunting party we encountered the previous day. His name was Utonga.

So wrapped up in my concern for the caravan we had left behind, I did not allow myself the opportunity to speak with Utonga about his people and their beliefs. As a result, I only remember bits of names and talk of sacrifice. I am not familiar with Angazhan or the “Creeping Queen”, but it its clear that they are revered as some sort of gods by Utonga’s tribe. Our meeting met it’s inevitable conclusion when I forced the issue of the dead girl we had found in the woods. She was apparently part of the some ritual sacrifice designed to cleanse her of Angazhan’s influence. Words were had, weapons were drawn, and before Mister Archibald could stand, the battle was over, the tribesmen in full retreat.

It is only now, in the hours following the battle that I have realized my mistake. Although I have no intention of treating with the Bekyar, I should not waste the opportunity to learn about their culture. Not because I hope to convert them from their wicked ways, but because all knowledge is worth knowing.

Entry 6 – 3rd of Gozran, 4720

I must take steps to ensure I am not so careless in the future. So eager was I to put the entire Bekyar situation behind me that I neglected to bring this log with me! For three days we have been exploring the Eastern grasslands of the Expanse and I have been without the means to properly document it!

To this end, I will have to make sure to return and more adequately investigate the colony (bunch? pack?) of Al-mi’raj we encountered. Additionally, the lands to the south and west possess a curious obelisk surrounded by evidence of powerful weather phenomenon. My companions were not eager to get too close, so I did not push the matter, but I will admit that I am curious as to what magic might be woven into the obelisk to cause so much meteorological turmoil in such a small area.

It is, perhaps, fortuitous that we did not investigate. While exploring, we encountered a large axebeak mount carrying a dead rider. The rider carried letters bearing the seal of the Council of Nine. The letters reference New Limit, an outpost established by Nex within the jungle at the base of the Upper Korrir River. Apparently, the outpost is under attack by a simian army who are unhappy with the Nexian foray into their jungle. Though the details seem ridiculous, I am reminded of the stories of Usaro and the Gorrilla-King. Perhaps they are more than stories, or perhaps the outpost has gone mad with some exotic malady.

Regardless of the cause, it is clear from the letters that the outpost needs help. I can see Sir Edo already making plans to tame the enormous axebeak and rush headlong into the jungle to rescue the populace of New Limit. Perhaps I will join him. These people need help, and what use is magic if it can’t help others.

And, I’ll admit, I am curious to see an army of monkeys.

Journey Into the Expanse — 30th of Pharast – 4th of Gozran, 4720


Fara'ji's Travel Log 2 - Old Prejudices and New Limit

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