Scene Fifteen

It had begun to darken on the plains of the Mwangi expanse. The halflings light torches illuminating the entire village. Tonight was the celebration of their victory. A crowd gathered inside the largest hut. That of the Chief of their people Baldo. Baldo and his daughters sat in the back of the hut with his people spread before him. They parted as the storyteller entered. Archibald motioned for the crowd to give him some room.

Archibald Hogwood: Proclaiming loudly in Polyglot. "Woochana Makwartas, woochana makawartas. Nervrenda bootootoo Battle of Madoro. Faraway, mana quitoo. Edo wasay wapa. Oos batatata rundi Mazani Unta. "

Some in the crowd cry out at the mention of the name while the others hiss in hatred. Archibald continues in his best impression of Unta.

Mazani Unta: “Un chenko baskimo quertonto Ginsi Tribe!” Maniacal laughter. “Hahahahaha!”

Some the children in the crowd hide their faces against their mother’s sides. Archibald continues suddenly mimicking Edo.

Edo: “Torron togosh! Lord Edo ahchiminie choodoo!” He roars as if to charge. One of Archibald’s companions in the audience assists by making battle sounds. “Uta Haven ahchiminie Bekyar oss nooch Mazani Unta!” More sounds of battle. Clang! Pow!

Archibald falls back against the floor. Now clearly in the role of Mazani Unta once more.

Mazani Unta: “Tiklo Mezzmezz! Un dekochna gooboo Mezzmezz!”

Laying on the ground Archibald says a few words of magic before feigning death. A giant illusion of a spider comes out from Archibald! It seems to roar in silent triumph! But as if on cue Edo steps out from the audience and swings his mighty bardiche. The illusion explodes into a thousand tiny fireworks. The halfling audience roars in applause!

End Scene

Scene Fifteen

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