Scene Sixteen

Archibald steps through the flap into one of the largest tents in the encampment. A group of almost thirty of the various citizens of Haven are cramped in the space. Archibald walks slowly down the line surveying the potential candidates. He does a second pass marveling at the diversity their little town of former slaves has amassed. Many Zenj and Bekyar have showed up to try and attain this prestigious position but there are also Taldans, halflings, dwarves, a ratfolk, a monstrous tiefling, and is that a troll?

Archibald Hogwood: Starting to speak in polyglot to ensure the majority of the crowd understand him. “You are gathered here today to have the honor of being Haven’s first delegate to our friends the Ginsi. I have discussed this with my fellow Councilman Drianus and he has informed me that it would be best if the delegate speak a civ..herm Halfling or Taldane. If any of you do not speak those languages please save us both the time and take your leave at this time. I am sure there will be other opportunities for you in the future.”

Two thirds of the crowd slowly make their way out of the tent. Archibald thanks the remainder and tells them to make themselves comfortable as the next stage will take a bit of time. He has Tigz bring them into a separate area to be interviewed one on one. So far they have all fallen tragically short of what he was expecting.

Archibald Hogwood: “Tigz bring in the next candidate.” She leaves briefly before returning with a man whose mustache rivals all but Stroot’s own. “Stop right there good sir. A man of such looks would be wasted in the Ginsi tribe.”

Moussa Al-Abbas: “But…”

Archibald Hogwood: “No buts good sir! I insist you would intimidate the small fellows. Not to mention they would be far to distracted by that glorious mustache. Do you use product? Nevermind. I see great potential. Come back for the evening meal and we can see what, uh hem positions would be more suitable for you.”

Moussa Al-Abbas: “But…”

Archibald waves his hand and Tigz quickly escorts him out of the tent. Before he can collect himself a tiefling the size of a small mountain ducks into the tent with Tigz quickly at her heels.

Big Bertha: In a low bass voice that shakes the flaps of the tent the tiefling speaks. “I am Berthazar the Ravager. I will annihilate any puny diplomatic resistance the Ginsi have. I will butcher with extreme prejudice any reasoned discussions that would put Haven at a disadvantage in trade or diplomacy. Choose me Archibald and see any resistance to this alliance extinguished before the wrath of my diplomatic prowess!”

Archibald just stares for a moment in shock. He looks to Tigz pleadingly. She shakes her head. He raises his eyebrows in astonishment. Tigz shakes her head harder and backs out of the tent slowly as to not gain the attention of Bertha.

Archibald Hogwood: “Erm, well yes. Yes, that is all good and… um Very impressive interview. I think you are a very… Um strong candidate. I will get back to you as soon as we have made our determination. Thank you…. Please tell the next candidate to enter. Um please. Thank you.”

Much to his relief Berthazar the Ravager merely nods and exits the tent. In a few moments a small halfling woman limps into the tent. She uses a walking staff and has her head down as she approaches. She stops short and as she lifts her head her hood falls back from her eyes revealing two glossy orbs. Despite the hardships she has faced this woman is still relatively young. Archibald sighs and begins to let her know that her injuries may prohibit her from the position when she interrupts him.

Iryela D’Alte: “Don’t dismiss me before you have heard me out Archibald Theodore Hogwood. One would think you of all people would know better than to underestimate someone because of the way they look. Just because I am blind does not mean I cannot see. A trait that can be most useful in negotiations. My name is Iryela D’Alte and I have heard the pain and loss in your voice. Allow me to be your assistant. You don’t need your eyes or a good leg to speak and more I hold the respect of most halflings I meet…”

The rest of the interview went better than Archibald could have hoped. He quickly set Iryela up with an escort of five warriors to be her security while on duty. This presented him with another problem however. How was he going to tell Bertha she didn’t get the job.

End Scene

Scene Sixteen

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