Session Fifteen - Grave of the Stegopedes

Journal Entry #6,249
Pilgrimage Day #7,522
Erastus 9, 4,720
Events of Note: The Battle of Madoro (See Combat Blog Entry #300)

The upside of walking into what is obviously a trap is that, since you know it’s a trap, you’re on your toes and alert for just about anything. The downside is that, on occasion, “anything” is a bunch of gigantic armored “stegopedes” that have eaten all the prisoners that you were hoping on rescuing, and instead of a rescue operation you’re suddenly fighting for your life. Thank Desna, we managed to put them down without any casualties and keep them from attacking the bulk of the army; they’ve been trained well, but this was their first real battle, and I don’t think they would have handled such monsters as well as we did.

The Kango/Bekyar have split their forces, and the bulk of them remain at the ruins of Madoro. The others are wondering what they’re doing, why they are there, but it seems obvious to me. Masany has decided that we (that is, Haven, the Empire Trading Company, and us in particular) are entirely responsible for what Grendil did to his tribe. He’s got it into his head to destroy us, and has enlisted the help of his deep-jungle tribal cousins to help out. As such, they have established a base at Madoro to use as a staging ground for either a full-fledged attack on Haven, or to support raids on the areas around us.

As I write this, the jungle is alive with the sounds of war drums, chanting, and other noises intended to annoy us and disrupt our sleep. It’s accomplishing the former, but I’m not so sure about the latter. We’ve decided to let them be, for the most part, trusting our sheer numbers and the vigilance of our men (as well as Bawldo’s Raiders) to stave off any actual attack.

Session Fifteen - Grave of the Stegopedes

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