Session Sixteen - Freedom Writers

Journal Entry #6,251
Pilgrimage Day #7,528
Erastus 15, 4,720

Earlier today I was approached by one of the freed Bekyar tribesmen on the way back, a young woman by the name of Maseeka. She and several others had come to something of a disagreement with the other Bekyar. When the initial rush of Idoh’s speech wore off (which was definitely inspired, even I have to agree), and after a night or two to sleep on their situation, many of them began to have reservations about how well they would be received by the people of Haven. They still remembered the abuse and contempt that they had been treated with; they had continued to suffer at the hands of Masani Oontah, but doubted that would gain them any sympathy. The idea of settling down and living next to people who probably still hate them wasn’t quite as appealing as it was a few days ago.

They had seen my own role in the battle against the spider-god-thing, and were fascinated by the fact that I was so easily able to slip away from the webbing that it shot at me. “The Paladin’s god kept him alive, and allowed him to triumph… But YOUR god’s power was such that Miss Mass could not even TOUCH you!”

Masikah found that much more impressive (and less painful), and I didn’t bother being humble when explaining the virtues of the Lady Desna. Having spent some time enslaved and imprisoned, entirely at the whim of another, they had a newfound respect and appreciation for freedom, and the power to go where one would.

Word spread, and soon there were more and more of the Bekyar wishing to hear of Desna, and I was happy to oblige. Many of them had been hunters, trackers, and so on before, and the more they heard about the town of Haven (and the kind of city it might eventually become) the less enthusiastic they became. When I told them that there was still (and always would be) plenty of wilderness to travel, explore, and enjoy, their spirits improved greatly.

I had a copy of The Eight Scrolls, and read to them from it while using a Comprehend Languages spell on Maeseca to translate; at the same time, one of their learned men (and I use the term loosely) made a copy of the Scrolls in their own tongue. Fascinated and inspired, all the others have begun taking it upon themselves to learn to read and write their own language, and have been making copies of their own, for themselves (I make sure to re-cast Comprehend Languages to proofread everything; I’m not going to have these new converts start a crusade based on an or misspelled word!) During this, I’ve also managed to gain insight into the Bekyar language. Combined with some help from Farajay, I’m slowly starting to put together an understanding of their tongue.

During the process of all of this, many of the group have already posed a number of questions to me about the… Finer points of worship of my Lady. Things that (it soon became clear) weren’t just definitions and terminology lost in translation, points I hadn’t considered before: I’m a WARpriest, after all, not a cleric or scholar. I show devotion to my Lady Desna through actions rather than words. But it’s made me think more deeply, expand my mind, and focus less on the here and now, and more on the deeper meanings and mysteries of life and worship.

Session Sixteen - Freedom Writers

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