Session Twenty - Time Misfits

Journal Entry #6,290
Pilgrimage Day 7592?
Arodus? Lamashtu? 4720???

Not sure what today is, exactly, or for that matter what year. Went into a time anamoly warp thing. Sent forward at least 24 hours, hopefully not much more than that. Stars indicate roughly same time of year; hopefully it’s not years forward. Time storm? Is this the kind of thing that’s going to be in the desert towards the mana waste? This is getting p. insane.

Massive statue of Faragi and The Abadar that we had to fight; weird self-defense mechanism in the temple? ruins? city? – rooms had Chooda-style tubes in them. More ancient monkey man technology, will need to go back and ask Kupenzi if she knows where the other ancient cities are; since madoro seemed to be in one place hovering over the waterspout (for some reason I think we all assumed that flying also meant moving around from place to place), presumably all the other cities would have come crashing down in one spot? Even if we don’t fully investigate, would be worth knowing where those places are.

Speaking of ancient things: Found another mask; it’s pretty obvious now that these belong to the ancient warriors of whatshewhozit, and there are probably going to be twelve in total. We should consider ourselves lucky to have these two, if only to keep them out of the hands of those who might abuse their power (Idoh and the first mask notwithstanding).

Session Twenty - Time Misfits

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