Behind Enemy Lines

It was a war.

I had recently joined the famous mercenary company, Rupert’s Marauders. Rupert Buckles had an impressive record and reputation in certain circles. He was an impressive fellow, shrewd to a fault. Many commanders gave rallying speeches to their men, Rupert would give us a good looking over usually say a few words to each soldier. Not about the fighting but about yesterday’s meal or a card game they had played. When your commander doesn’t seemed worried about the enemy neither do you.

We had been hired to fight some kingdom because another kingdom and they lay claim to the same bit of land, never a good thing. The land was probably pretty once, rolling hills, a stream running through it, I could see why they both wanted it. Now it was covered in gore and broken bodies, we had been fighting for a week and neither side had gained the advantage. I had just gotten back from a scouting mission when one of the sergeants called for me, he said the commander wanted to see me. I thought this strange as I was a private and did not think I had a chance to prove myself yet.

We walked through camp, a few of the other soldiers called for me to join them but I waved them off and pointed to the sergeant. They went back to whatever they were using to distract themselves from the fighting. We approached Rupert’s tent and the sergeant stopped and told me to go in. I entered the tent and Rupert was leaning over a long table full of maps. On the chair next to him was a bag I remembered. We had found a messenger on a scouting mission and had brought his bag back to command.

“Strootman, correct?” Rupert voice sounded like the low rumble of thunder in the distance.

“Yes Sir.” I replied.

“Your sergeant says you are a good prospect, says you sure take your time in taking an opponent down but that you are the hardest soldier to kill he has ever seen. Where did you receive your training?”

“I was trained by elves Sir, I was adopted.”

“Makes sense elves do value their lives, must have something to do with that long lifespan of theirs. Well Stroot, I have a mission for you.” Rupert paused and looked down at the map on the table. “That messenger your patrol took in was bringing in news of reinforcements for the enemy line. We have not made any headway in breaking them down so this calls for drastic measures. We cannot wait for their reinforcements to show up and I am not sure we can take their entrenched position. This is where you come in, step up here and look at the map. You see this is where we are,” the commander pointed to the map, “this is our front line and this is the enemies. This”, he pointed behind the enemies front line,“is where the enemies commander is. What I need from you Stroot, is for you to stealth into his tent and kill him.”

Behind Enemy Lines

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