Behind Enemy Lines II

“Commander, I am no murderer. I mean I have killed men in battle but never a defenseless man. What has he done to deserve death?” Stroot looked in shock at Rupert.

Rupert stood like a silent monolith, “Well, I suppose he has done nothing wrong other than stand on the other side of this fight. This is a last resort Stroot, I am not happy about it but sacrifices must be made. I cannot risk all of our lives knowing the enemy has reinforcements on the way and we have none. Trust me I have thought long and hard about this and this is our only available solution. Stroot, think of all the lives you will save on both sides of the battle if you take out their commander and they turn tail and run. Yes, we will have won the day, but because of you everyone but this one man will have a tomorrow. Think about your fellow soldiers Stroot, you hold their lives in your hands now.”

Stroot looked up from the point on the floor he was staring at, “If I take out this one guy you promise the rest can flee and we do not have to hunt them down?”

“My word.”

“OK, I am your man, I do not want anyone else to have to make this decision or to have to endanger themselves with this mission.”

Behind Enemy Lines II

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