Character Creation

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Character Creation:

  • 15 Point-Buy Method
  • Core Races + all races in the “Other Races” section. If you wish to play a race that is stated at 14 BP or higher (Listed to the right of their race name) Please see me for an appropriate balance to the race to help it fall in line.
  • 2 Traits per the normal character creation rules – Subject to GM Approval

This campaign takes place entirely in the Eastern Mwangi Expanse (see maps). Starting characters have been hired by the Empire Trading Company to assist with their first expedition into the Expanse. Your character will have been hired by one of the three founding members. The first expedition has been sold as an “Adventure into the Wilds, where you commit the next few months of your life for a chance at massive profits.”

Little more detail has been offered, but the company is paying a very reasonable wage and requires no background checking – making it extremely attractive to those wishing to make something of themselves or wipe the slate clean.

Character Creation

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