It wasn’t easy growing up with everyone different from me.

My parents had been killed in a forest by something and the elves made it just in time to save me. The elves could have taken to some halfling society or really any major city and left me but they decided to keep me.

I was just a babe and don’t remember my birth parents but my new parents (Arianthilus and Tarethriel) raised me as one of their own. I had several siblings also so I guess they thought it would just be another child. I was by far the youngest of the children but my parents were amazed by how I quickly I learned and surpassed my older siblings. I learned all of the traditional elven studies but quickly grew bored with the lessons. They would spend a ridiculous amount of time on the smallest little detail, excruciatingly so. My parents grew frustrated with me and took me to train with the guards.

I had a natural aptitude with a blade and easily outclassed the other children training. I became a bit of an outcast within our village as the children around me seemed to always stay the same size and age to me. They never got bigger, they never matured.

It was hard because I was also smaller than everyone but the youngest of children so many kids thought they could play pranks on me and pick on me. Adults were almost worse as they would all talk me as though I was a toddler. As I neared adulthood I tried to join the guards but they said I was too young.

One of my worst memories was of my mother trying to scrub the dirt off of my face when my facial hair started to come in. She apologized for scolding me about being dirty later but it just pointed out all of the differences between myself and my adopted family. I finally realized this was the only way I could show the elves that I was no longer a child. I began to grow my mustache, and the change was fairly quick (well at least by elven standards).

I decided to leave the village when I was 20, my parents still thought I was too young. Finally they acquiesced and said I could leave, before I left they gave me my sword and buckler as presents to keep me safe, they were right to do so….


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