Edo's Intermission 1 - Angry's Burden

Another day, another roll of the dice to see who dies today. It’s a drung eat drung world down here and the guards are the ones holding the firecorn and stout ale. After what happened last night, we lost most of the night crew. Some say the tunnels are possessed, I think it is something far more sinister, magic. I smelled fey in the area, one of those falwaffle chasers no doubt in my mind. Someone wanted something down here and had no mind about any of the slaves here. Maybe we were being hunted, they know of our plan and are trying to thin our numbers. I was not going to have it. It was a game of rat and drung down here and we was on the bad end of the deal.

Happy told me to relax, that we could only keep trying to live as we were. He never liked the name, but that is all he did. Tried to keep us on the bright side of our time here. No lie, he has kept us together on more than one occasion but that damn smile got on my nerves more than it helped. I told him the sooner we got out of here the better. We just need a few more recruits and then we can finally tell them our plan about escape. We have to play it safe, the surface walkers catch wind of our plan, they won’t think twice of giving us all rock shoes and thrown into the jungle to play tag with a sabertooth jaguar.

Bashful was nearly done with all the details, it would take longer to get the plan out of him than it would to actually pull off I’d imagine. Could never speak to people that one without stammering all of his words, so most of the time he didn’t say anything. I put my money on his brain working faster than his mouth, he had most of the guard patterns memorized and many of the tunnels come the first week. If he could actually talk to people longer than one sentence before clamming up I’d wager he’d have been an adviser or at least an indoor slave. Bashful’s only command was to get as many recruits as we can, we’d need them all. This incident in the lower sections has cut our numbers drastically, we’ll have to start all over with the next batch.

Sneezy agrees with the fact that someone, or something magical was down there. Unlike Bashful, you couldn’t get five minutes into a conversation with Sneezy without him spitting all sorts of info at your face. I couldn’t understand most of it, but Fey and dark magic is what he believes as well. Thinks that by us boarding up that corridor, we should avoid whatever it was. No one else had seen anything, so he believes that they stumbled onto something that does not stray too far from that area. We’ll have to make sure that no others head that way.

Doc could not find much to examine either. Turns out being a butcher at one point makes it easier to patch up from the troubles that come to us in the tunnels, assuming people came back from them to be patched up. One would think he is in the wrong area with skills like that, but I heard one of the guards talking about having people in the rings to help put us back together, keeps the slaves alive longer and I haven’t complained one bit. I might have lost a leg if it wasn’t for Doc and he’ll be key to putting us back together after we escape.

Sleepy gave me signal, looks like we have new recruits coming down soon. From the way he looks, you’d see a worn down and broken spirited slave, but Sleepy still has all of his wits about him, and is very good at blending into the surroundings you’d think he’d belong there. Saw him talk his way through a couple guards before, but could never find a way to get out by himself, something I’m glad for, as he’ll be our main connection once we’re out of here. I couldn’t help feel that Snow would be mad at me for thinking such selfish thoughts, so much that I tried to not think about it.

I looked at Dopey and gave him a nod, poor man was so much more, over the years he just lost his mind to the despair we were all facing down here. Too many accidents that he could not avoid. Doc did what he could, but anything left of the dwarf in there is all up to Dopey to bring back. Always following my orders, at least I could use him like a loyal drung, a very stupid one but tries anyways. He was to clear out the top sleeping area for when the new guys came in, we could give them the special welcome.

We watched from a good view, and what I saw made me grumpy. I did not like the look of this new group, they were new to even being slaves. There were a few of them still walking with their heads high. Those were the ones the guards made examples of quickly. We’d have to move quick and break them down fast before they did something stupid. Sneezy made sure to point out the little girl. A spriggan, evil little witch but probably not who killed those other miners. We’d have to show these new slaves that there is no hope, only then can we build them into what we need to get us all out of here. I always hated myself when I had to push others around, but you gotta think of the greater good at least that’s what Snow says anyways.

Damn, they ganged up. Pretty quick if you ask me. Something tells me these people are already friendlier than the skitters that crawl on your two plank bed they give you. We have to get to them, tell them to keep their heads down if they are going to survive this, hell they could get all of us killed if they use that giant on their side. Reaching the bottom of the shaft our fears are already confirmed, the boards have been messed with. They are going to walk right into their own deaths and they have no clue, hell maybe they’re trying to get themselves killed since they completely ignored the guard’s directions. First we’ll have to rescue them, then tell them to lay low.

Starting the chant, maybe they could use our voices to get to safety, we made sure to chant loud enough to have all hear us. Then the unexpected happened. Sleepy halted us and told us these new guys are working together and plan to kill us! The fucking balls on this group, we trying to keep them away from the spriggan and this is how they repay us? I’m sorry Snow, it’ll be a bit longer before we get out of here, we’ll have to see if the next group has people with brains inside their skulls. Bashful pointed to a couple tunnels and with the right tools we can block them in and keep their poison away from the rest of these poor slaves that still have a chance of escaping…

Edo's Intermission 1 - Angry's Burden

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