Edo's Intermission 2 - Preserving the Way of Life

There are fools in this world, and there are fools in this world with power.

This Empire Trading Company would fall into the second group, they talk with a purpose of new beginnings and this stupid word, opportunities. All they have done when they came to the city is cause trouble. People have been living here for generations! There has always been a way of things that must be followed. The laws of the jungle are absolute, and yet in two weeks time they have shut down the mines, upset almost all of our big businesses and had stolen every slave in the market. To make it worse, all of our slavers had gone missing as well. Master Unta left in a hurry, took the few of us we had left to gather more slaves. He never mentioned what happened to his council, but the look in his eyes was true fear and one I dare not break by asking. Kibwe is in shambles and may take a lifetime to come back to normal.

After reaching the city, Master Unta made a few requests. First he wanted to personally speak to the men who had failed in their attempt to deter this Empire Trading Company, which meant they were not going to be leaving untouched. Second, he asked me to speak to the “jungle spirits” for help, and I shuttered. It was not spirits I was going to speak to, it was a group of hunters that even made ours look weak. They did not show themselves often, but with the right tribute and a powerful prey they could be summoned to aid our cause. I was given a small sack of goods, a purple cloth to wear on my head, to show that I walked as a messenger to them, and a direction to walk from Master Unta himself. I would not disappoint.

A couple days later I indeed get ambushed by them, and only staying their blade due to the scarf. They brought me to their village and I nearly broke out in a run. My mission was the only thing keeping my feet still, as there was a huge spider with tribal paint on it near the middle of the camp. Their people walked about it unfazed and seemed to treat it as another of their own. A masked woman approached me, she asked the reason we bring tribute.

I told her of our plight, and how there is a poison running through the jungle now. Many outsiders have entered the jungles recently and they move about as if they own it. A few have agreed to stay small, but one spits in the face of our ancestors. “Empire Trading Company” has stuck a spear into the heart of the jungle, they claim to be the kings now! The woman pauses, and looks about her warriors, “We hear you, and want to know why you bring this knowledge to us?”.

“It is only you, who can slay their warriors, your tribe has even stood up against the Charua’ka when they have passed through. These men are not part of the jungle, and if we are to survive, then they must be taught a lesson! More and more of their kind appear and we need a message loud enough for all to hear!” Some of her tribe cheered to that, so I must be getting through.

“Very well, we shall keep the jungle safe from those outsiders. Lets collect all the tribute they have brought us.” I moved forward to show them what is in the basket, and I was curious also. I pulled open the top of the tribute and inside was a purple sash like the one I wore wrapped around many gems and jewels. I knelt down and raised up the basket to her. She had her men collect it, then two of them grabbed me and pulled me up. “What is this!? You have your tribute!” She looked at me and smiled, “Our tribute is all that is wrapped in purple, it has always been that way.”

With an unknown power in me I broke free from those two and ran, I can’t believe it! Did Master Unta know? I did not get far before I was covered in webs. “MASTER UNTA!” I cried out before I felt two spears enter my back.

Edo's Intermission 2 - Preserving the Way of Life

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