Edo's Intermission 3 - Operation Rescue Rangers

It’s been a week since we’ve been captured. Jaric was still injured from the last fight, we both knew that if they did not come for us that the next fight would be his last. That blasted flying monster scorpion grabbed us both after raining spikes from the sky. It could talk, and it talked the whole way there. Some Scorpion Master, Lord of all Scorpions he kept rambling about, I did not need to be a master diplomat to know he did not want to negotiate, maybe he just wanted to send a message using our corpses. I must find a way to escape, Malik was one of the dead and his wife has two children. I promised I would take care of them as he coughed up his last breath.

Still no escape, still no rescue. Looking at how far this thing flew, I guess it was stupid of me to think that anyone would find us. Hell, even if I escaped I would have no idea how to even get back. Some ranger, I know, but we were at least 30 miles into the desert and up a mountain. No, I think the new plan is going to be kill as many of these bastards as we can on the way out. Maybe that will send them a message to not mess with New Haven. I had one last vial in my possession, once I drink it there would be no turning back.

As it turned dusk, it was our time. I heard chitters and cheers coming from the open way ahead. This did not look like any arena I have seen, aside from the wide open spot where they send us to die. Once we got into the open, the gate to our pen closed and the cheers and chitters grew loud. It seemed like there was going to be no introduction this time as a large scorpion started to circle Jaric and I, it had a dark red shell and some of its patterns seem to swirl and flow around its shell. Damn, could none of the things just be a regular scorpion? It seemed to wait and chitter itself, raising it’s arms to the crowd. Maybe some sort of gloating before it tears us to pieces? Now was the time, I looked to Jaric and pulled out my vial. Jaric just nodded and readied himself for the fight that was moments away. I only hope this alchemist was not lying about this vial. I drank it, and within moments my body felt like it was on fire. I could barely move, barely breathe, but I felt it. My armor in the parts that were not torn tightened almost to breaking as my muscles grew. Once it was done I could easily look down as Jaric, I wanted to reassure him, say something motivating but all I could think of us, “Stay back, I got.” that would do I think. I charged at the scorpion.

It realized I was coming and moved lightning quick. Almost a blur at the speed it was moving. I went to swing my blade at it, but in a flash it was gone. It was then I realized it was behind me, as its stinger pierced through my left arm. It was amazing, I did not feel the pain at all! It actually chittered a bit when I did not flinch from that forceful lunge, maybe the bastard was surprised as well. I quickly grabbed the tail and swung behind me, chopping it completely off. In one fluid move I kicked and actually knocked it on it’s ass. I had it, I moved to lunge into it brain but in but a couple seconds it was up and moved back almost 70 feet! It was going to be hard to pin it down.

Over the next few minutes, it looked like it was trying to tire me out, moving just after I put my full swing at him, and would just nip my legs or arms with his claws, never grabbing. I was being out smarted by a scorpion, and it was making me mad. I could not think of any other plan aside from grab and swing at it. It was going to win. Only one moment it paused, I don’t know why but it seemed to trip. I was not going to let that go to waste as I bounded on him and stabbed as hard as I could. Even with the advantage it actually stood up before I got to him, but it was too late as my sword went through its head.

Chitters sounded out across the arena, and I saw why he had tripped. Jaric had his spear out and it ran right into him trying to dodge me. I guess it did not think he was a threat, but it landed on Jaric crushing him. He could only cough blood and look around wide eyed. It was his time. I walked up to him and held him. “It ok, sleep now. I come soon.” Not elegant, but I got the point across. Just then the chitter stopped, and I could only hear what seemed to be stomping of the crowd. I don’t know what is happening, but as soon as the Scorpion Lord shows up, I’ll throw my sword right at his stupid smug face. I had no time to look, as I noticed a shadow appearing over my back. I quickly turned and saw Jaric’s body being held in the air by a stinger coming from the ground! Only moments later did it drop him and from the ground a face that was hideous appear. It looked like a scorpion, with a large mouth filled with teeth like a shark. It bit him in half and burrowed into the ground in one motion.

After a minute of looking around I felt fatigue and pain, lots of pain. I felt the world spin and shift as I collapsed to my knees. The potion must be fading, damn it! Just a few more moments. I could barely see the “face” of the Lord of Scorpions as I looked up, I wanted to throw my sword but the pain was too much. My attention shifted from him to the mound of sand moving towards me, and from it bursted the most terrifying creature I have seen, and will see. Its huge body seemed to be almost spiraling like a bullet as I could see a huge maw open before me.

“I’m sorry Malik, I can’t keep the promise.”

Edo's Intermission 3 - Operation Rescue Rangers

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