Edo's Journey 1 - The beginning of Edo

Edo held the parchment in his hand as he walked up to the office. It is where he would find Balbas Auron, one of his teachers since his rehabilitation. He remembered back to the talk he had with one of his other teachers, Dhalhria handing him the paper.

“Edo, you’ve come a long way. I’m proud to see how much you have grown in the halls of Abadar.”

“Thanks.” Edo responded. “I owe everything to Abadar, and will serve however I can.”

Dhalhria, an elf that stood shorter than most elves but had the defined stance and aura of a true paladin paced around Edo for a moment. She was the first teacher Edo had since he turned himself over, and although he was trained by many others during the past four years, he would always find himself back with her for many heart to heart talks. She was also one of the few that knew how Edo came to be a paladin of Abadar as well. She smiled before continuing.

“I think it is time for a real test, Edo.” She handed him a small parchment. “This is a personal recommendation to join Balbas Auron on his new mission. You’ve no doubt heard from the others that there is something in the works. A chance to build a new community west of Alkenstar. He is going, and taking a few people with him. I want you to go.”

Edo quickly remembered Balbas Auron. He was a very learned priest of Abadar and used to be an adventurer himself. Edo had studied under him many times in Quantium, learning the finer points of Abadar history and even a couple fighting tips. He never got to really know Balbas, but knew that he was their best choice to send on a mission like this.

Edo became concerned when thinking about it. “Are you sure? I’ve never really been out of the temples and sounds like it has plenty riding on its success.” He was about to continue to speak, when she cut him off.

“That’s exactly why I’m sending you. I know you will be a great asset to Balbas, and you will find no better teacher than that man on the road.”

“To be honest Dhalhria, I worry about being out with the normal people again. I have done so well up to now, but there are many temptations out there. I don’t know if I can handle it.”

She quickly waves her hand at him to reassure him, “Edo, a paladin does not become strong by avoiding temptation. A paladin will truly grow with their faith when they can face that temptation head on… and reject them.” Putting her hand on the parchment that he still holds she makes him grip it tighter. She looks straight into his eyes.

“Edo, it is time.”

He knocks on the door, a familiar wise voice sounds from the other side. “Come in!” As Edo opens it, he see Balbas look up from a large stack of papers and smiles. “Ah I’ve been expecting you.”

Edo's Journey 1 - The beginning of Edo

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