Edo's Journey 10 - Sanity Check

We couldn’t decide, it was a very powerful being in front of us and either way we did it would have to deal with the repercussions later. Something however, deep inside, told me that the mask would have the power to decide. After much debate back and forth, and the lovely guardian unable to help sway us in either direction, I managed to convince Fara’ji to let me dawn the mask. That way if its power was overwhelming, it would only claim me.

I was not ready for what came next.

The mask when brought close to my face flung itself towards me, then a surge of power came. It reminded me of that dreadful night, as all my senses were bursting with feeling. Flashes of lights and information flooding me like a raging tsunami. I do not know if I was standing anymore as I could only feel the rush of power flowing over me. I tried to yell, but I could hear nothing over the deafening sounds that were echoing around me. Then as quick as it started, it changed to wetness.

It was raining, I thought I was inside deep under the palace, but I can clearly see that I’m in a village square. There are people looking around terrified, people I care about. I have not seen them before in my life, but I felt like I had known them, and I feel a hatred inside, for the one who constantly terrifies them.

“Why did this happen? We gave the same tribute to the spirit that we did last time. Last year he gave us fertile lands and good rain. Now he floods our crops with rain for months!” The older monkey man crying out, hoping for some answers. I looked at him, knowing that he would receive no answers, but the tribute was taken all the same. I knew that Cho-Uda did as he pleased, and enjoyed the attention, but would pay no favors if he happened to be irritated at the time. I walked up and put my hand on the elder’s shoulder and just looked at him. I know he could not see my face, but I think he knew what I intended to do. “Wait, if you fail, he will bring rage upon us all!”

I spoke, it was not my voice. “Look around elder! This is how you wish to live? We both know that if nothing is done we will never be able to grow as a people. Cho-Uda mocks us with his powers and wishes us all to revere him, and even then he’ll still take his whims out upon us!”

I flew up into the air, looked down upon the people. They all started gathering about, fearful of what will happen next. “I wish only to protect you all, and I will gladly give my life to do so. I only ask that all of you wish for my success.” With that, I turned towards the jungle and flew off into the treeline, ready to face my destiny.

Edo's Journey 10 - Sanity Check

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