Edo's Journey 11 - A Way with Words

I can’t believe what happened. It’s only been four months since I’ve left the church on my first quest for redemption, and now I’m a leader of a new city trying to forge a path on a new glorious trade route. If they knew what kind of man I was in the past I doubt they would even have had me on the mission in the first place.

I look around in my tent, now with a guard posted at the front of it, to keep one of the leaders safe. I remembered when I used to do the patrols myself. Such a huge turn of events. Is Abadar telling me that I can do this? He must believe in me if I’m now leading the Empire Trade Company, although more in a figurehead than a ruler, but still a position of power. More surprising to me, is the fact that Kreed personally asked me to the be the lead to our company. I nearly thought it was a trap or trick at my expense but he seems to believe that I would represent the ETC the best. Maybe he believes my paladinship is what allows others to trust our words, or maybe he feels that by being a paladin, that he’ll know what actions I would take and therefore be able to predict my movements. I would still be fine with those, as now I can show Abadar and Dhalhria that I was worth saving. I can only hope that I don’t lead these people to their dooms trying to prove a point, and for that I’m glad that we’re running as a council. I’ll need to voices of all my friends to make sure that I do not stray.

I could not sleep that night, it could still be the cream on my face soothing the itchiness of the mask but I decided to walk around. It’s only been a couple days since I’ve removed and the redness has all but vanished but I still miss the mask. Its power was amazing and the knowledge it possessed was amazing. I was, for a moment, following the footsteps of one of the ancient warriors that Archibald knew so much about. I felt like I only untapped a small portion of the masks’ power and knowledge and I cannot wait until Fara’ji finds out more about it, maybe a way to unlock it’s full potential. I felt in perfect harmony with the mask, and although the look is what many found unwelcome, I know Abadar’s will could be done in that mask.

I walked out of the tent, with my night time garb, I felt much lighter with my old chain shirt but I would not need much protection at night. Our first building was a training center to help shape up the warrior recruits into fighting form. I could not imagine much hassling us out here with this many battle ready people in one spot. I’m glad Buckles is keeping the training going at night, as we need to get people ready to rescue those in need. I know many grumble at the prospect of saving slavers, but at the moment, they are slaves themselves and need help. Now is our chance to show them what forgiveness can bring. We’ll have a stronger community and maybe even some converts to Abadar’s way once we help them.

Walking around a bit more, I see many of the familiar faces. Some we rescued and some we recruited, all of them happy to be away from their troubles and starting anew. I will make sure that we do not fail. I think back on New Limit and only hope that Grendel was true to his word, he may not be a good person, but the slaves he got us was very much real and I hope that he is also not above redemption. If I could make it, then perhaps people like him could as well. He seemed concerned about the slaves themselves, maybe he was one at one time earlier and understood.

“Nice night for a walk?” I snapped out of my thoughts and looked around. A very lovely woman with red hair approached me. She was one that I personally recruited, Illie I believed her name was. “Why yes, I needed some air to help clear my mind.” I reached for her hand to kiss and she gave it. For a slave, she seemed unfazed by the formalities of nobility, even Madame Kellani was flattered by it. Still, it was nice to see that she is doing well. I believe she is head of one of the groups, but that would be more Stroot’s thing.

She looked into my eyes for a moment, “I know that look, is it Mayor Edo now? What is on your mind?” I looked back, wanting someone to dump all my worries onto, but I thought better. Only Dhalhria knew the truth of my past, and it was better if it stayed that way as long as possible. “Nothing for you to worry about, just trying to ease my mind on my first major responsibility by making sure we’re setting up smoothly. Thanks for your concern Lady Illie. May I ask why you’re up so late?” She only paused for a moment before responding. “I like to be up at night, as most of the interesting people and things tend to happen then. It turns out I was right, as I got to meet you.” She smiled and moved her hand over my shoulder. “I’m glad that we have someone like you in charge, I will help all of us rest easier at night, especially me.” She smiled and walked away.

I was stopped in my tracks, for being in a rural area, we seemed to have recruited and seen many more beautiful ladies than I would imagine. I smiled to myself and finished my walk.

Edo's Journey 11 - A Way with Words

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