Edo's Journey 12 - Not as it Seems

Today I was an undead Paladin.

It felt strange. At first, because I was just a head. That was the only time in a long time did I have a fear. I was worried that I would remain a skull forever. I still felt like it would work in the end, as I still was connected to my holy light. I knew Abadar was still beside me. Once we got the body back, it still felt numb. I could barely notice that I had any limbs or where they were on me. The strength I possessed in this shell was amazing. I am glad however that I was able to return to my old body.

This brings me to our new friend Mort. He’s an undead and he’s evil. Those two things should pretty much mean a swift judgement in most books of the holy, but something is different about him. He could have left, or ambushed or even betrayed us at any time but he didn’t. Maybe he wanted his body back more than anything, but if he’s to be believed then I have no clue why he would not want to change to a mortal body. He’s been stuck in the woods for an untold amount of time and with my body he may have had the escape he needed. Thinking back on it, he would have been able to leave since I possessed the rings powers when speaking to the white monkey tribe. When I speak to him, he sounds as if he’s a lost wizard, trying to understand what life has given him, and explore the sights of his very vast prison. When I sense his aura, it radiates evil however. His actions spoke very differently then what he is.

I know very little about magic, but I can only think of three options that could cause this. The first and most obvious, is that he’s undead and the magics used to bind his soul to that shell are evil indeed which I have no doubt. This may not explain why in my body he still carried the stench of evil but I imagine the magic is tied to the soul and less the container. The second is that maybe he is evil, but locked inside all of the memories that he cannot remember, or he’s trying to atone for whatever past life he gave up and does remember, like me.

The third, and the one I pray is not the case, is that he’s just a very good liar or has a motivation that exceeds what we know about the jungle. That speculation is purely that, and I can only watch him to make sure he is honest.

As a paladin, I know evil and undead generally rate very low on my list of things I should like. After talking to Mort, it feels wrong to still try to kill him based on that alone. I wonder if in Geb there are more like him? I know for sure that there are plenty of evil undead in the world, but would that be any different than man? I would still be unable to tell either way, as most evil humans would not radiate an evil that I can detect, while all undead would radiate evil due to the binding rituals. I of course would not condone undead being created but I could still see that those with their memories and will power intact could in fact be still human inside.

Edo's Journey 12 - Not as it Seems

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