Edo's Journey 14 - Revelation

It has come full circle. As I pace around the city I come to a small hut dedicated to Abadar. I entered to pay my respects to the priest running it, a man by the name of Stephen Lyles. He does not carry all the knowledge with him like Master Balbus does, but he carries the spirit of it fully. I entered, and gave him a nod. He was mid sermon and continued educating the new people of our city, and Utonga was at the front listening intently trying to pick up every word that was said.

It has not been that long that I was in that same position. Even down to the look in his eyes when I showed him the light of Abadar. Dhalhria looked down at me, and with only a few words shattered everything I knew in this world. Only a week ago I did the same to Utonga. I know that I have made them all proud, and I also know that this is still the beginning. When the wilds are tamed can I truly call our mission done.

After it was done, Utonga noticed me and practically ran to me with questions overflowing. I answered the ones I could, but more and more kept coming. I calmed him, reassured him that learning came with time, and dedication meant progress, not memorization. There will be no punishment for failing to learn quickly, just reward for the work you put in. I saw the holy symbol I gave him and he wore it proudly, like I did when I was rescued. I can only imagine if it to will be passed on once again.

It’s been a long time since I was happy, truly happy with my life and I have Abadar to thank for it.

Edo's Journey 14 - Revelation

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