Edo's Journey 16 - Agony of Defeat

My first crushing defeat. I was so close to defeating that thing, that monster that Grendel summoned to chase the people away. I used all of my strength and it out played me. I need to learn more about magic, about how to combat it. Not only did I fail in defeating it, I died. I ran out of air and I drowned, what a horrible experience, and that was not even the worst part. Mort sacrificed himself to save me. My failure costed us both.

It was a terrible feeling, waking back up in the skeletal shell and seeing my bloated body. I knew then what happened, and I would not let it be in vain. If I was to be the first undead paladin, then so be it. Luckily, there were magics that would help prevent that, but at the time I was ready for the new life. That was the first time I’ve ever had someone willingly give their life for me, and I will never forget his sacrifice. I do not know what he did in his past life, or if he is even being punished, but this soul in front of me was as good if not better than I could be.

It took time, but we made it to the capital of Nex, all of my saving would go to a reincarnation for my old body, since Mort’s soul was most likely locked into it. After some time, it took a far different form than I had expected. In the end, what stood before my eyes was a towering female gnoll, brutish in strength yet still had some soft features. I quickly covered the body with my cloak, then gave Mort a hug. I was glad to see him back, and this time I will make sure to avoid losing to that thing again.

We were able to capture it and find out about Grendel, but not his intentions. It is strange as I have no idea what lies at their village that would be important to him. He asked for the villagers to be spared, so he has some sort of heart. I wonder if he needs a purpose greater than himself. Grendel goes out of his way to help the poor, but only if they are not in his way. I wonder if I could see him again, maybe we can find out how to channel what goodness is inside of him. I had to let his summon go, as much as I would have loved to destroy it, this was the safest route for those people. We are getting them to our city for safety for the moment, maybe once Grendel takes what he needs from them they can move back.

The next great challenge for me is going to be the council meeting, I know the townsfolk are afraid of my new body. I can see it in their eyes, their movements. They don’t remember that I am still Edo, still the righteous paladin that will sacrifice all to help them. I must help them remember, show them they can trust me with their lives. Oddly, I worry less about the masses of towns people, then our council members, our share holders. That will be one of my greatest challenges.

I will meet them straight on, like everything else. Once we get back from the desert with our rangers, I will show them that I am still the same Edo.

Edo's Journey 16 - Agony of Defeat

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