Edo's Journey 2 - Have a Nice Trip

It was the night before we left. I actually felt very at ease, traveling with Balbus, and the other two he chose to come along. Mags and Gunter were both great traveling companions and had much to talk about. We had all been informed on the dangers of our new mission and Miss. Du’Chagnye elected to throw some sort of afterparty before we even set off on our journey. The wording was off, but it was a nice gesture anyways to give everyone that last taste of civilization before we headed out into the unknown. Only Kreed seemed to dislike the idea, or was the only one to voice any concern about it, but in the end was overruled. Looking around at everyone enjoying themselves I was actually surprised, as there was not a single person that I would put as a danger to our team. Maybe my past has taught me wrong, but usually the best groups had some very dangerous and unstable people in them, but they were usually the best at their skill so you could not fight it for the tough jobs.

Balbus, a man that I have learned under many times, was naturally my favorite. A level head, much experience under his belt and healing magics to help with the natural enemies of the outdoors, poison and disease. He always seemed to have time for questions and I suspect will assist me in keeping my thoughts straight as I am truly tested out here.

Kreed is my second favorite. A man that knows what he wants and is willing to work towards that goal endlessly. I have not had the pleasure to talk to him much this first day, but I can already tell that if you want something done, he will always have a good idea on how to make it happen with the most efficiency possible. What I can’t tell, is if he’s just a business only guy or someone who is willing to cut all loose ends when the danger is passed. For now I shall believe him to be in the first, as Balbus seems to trust him.

Jessyca is the one I’m not too sure about, as she seems to be very much a free spirit. I could only imagine what they discussed to keep this woman’s attention long enough to invest into such a long term plan. Waking up late on your first true meeting with your partners puts one at a very bad first impression. Her charisma is strong however, and it seems like her street smarts of the area is the only reason she is allowed to slack. Dangerous and unstable, hardly… but unreliable is what we’re waiting to see.

The friends each of them brought along, with the exception of that Lost fellow, all seem very capable and genuinely eager to see this succeed. I can easily see the divisions in the group, myself included. I may have to extend the olive branch to each. Finding ways to show each that the others can be trusted. There were a few of the extras that stood out, something tells me these four will be worth keeping an eye on.

Xelas, the quietest out of the four had caught the least of my attention, but that is what I took the most note of. He looked like someone that I would have run with in my old group, focused on the job, or great at pretending to be. I’m sure he is watching everyone else as I have and forming his own ideas. I’ll have to see how he operates as the journey progresses.

Fara’ji seems to be the man with all the information. I do not know how much of it has been tested on the world, but when he speaks, it rings with conviction. We will most likely reference much of what we see with him first before making a decision. He seems to be a nice sort, but I have not talked to him enough to know.

Drianus reminds me too much of my old friend Hobal, almost identical in personality. Very sure of himself and speaks as if he was as tall as any man he converses. He is no doubt the most skilled of the group, with Rupert being just above him. I’m sure if there is anything we need to explore quickly and quietly he’ll be the one to do it.

Finally Archibald, the talkative one. Seems to be the most friendly of the others, as he has been the first to speak out to the leaders as well as the others. That tells me, that he is truly innocent and may “overspeak” his welcome, or that he hides something with all of those words he uses. I do feel bad that I turned down his drink, as most would find it as an insult, but being my first real test I did not want to slip back into old habits. I was not a good drunk and don’t wish to leave that as my first impression.

Looks like it is getting late, time to turn in. I will get up early to pray with Balbus tomorrow for good fortune from Abadar.

Edo's Journey 2 - Have a Nice Trip

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