Edo's Journey 3 - Fork in the Road

It’s only been just under a week and already I am finding my life difficult. Dhalhria always told me that I would know what to do, that the hard choices were always the most obvious, but I’m finding the paths that I take have two equally hard choices. We came across a tree, marked by death and evil, a great spirit of the woods that was incinerated from seemingly within. I wonder if it even had a chance to defend itself before the flames cooked it from within. We were curious, but was that curiosity going to cost us our lives? Hindsight of course telling me it was fine, but imagine our journey and looking for things valuable for a trade post cut short because we stuck ourselves into a situation we could not handle.

Then, as if to mock me. I trusted that we would be safe and explored on my own the next time we looked around. Only a minute had passed before they called me back to save Stroot. Imagine if I was out of earshot, he may have died then and there. I could not tell what was me being reckless, and what was me having to babysit. Stroot seems to hold a grudge against me, believing I should stick with the group since I was the only one with medical skills I imagine. I can hope that we’ll bond more in this journey as it would be unfortunate if I had an enemy within our group so quickly and early.

I was awoken that same night by Slizzath, about some sort of monkey trying to get us to follow him into the jungle in the dark of night. A situation I had to stop if the leech incident taught me anything. If only I knew what he was trying to tell us, as that choice was the one that will haunt me forever. I originally put the safety of the group in front of the unknown, believing all unknowns to be bad signs in this jungle. As no doubt I shall see one, that night my safety costed us the life of a young girl. The next day we indeed found her and it was more horrible than I imagined. I could not stand looking at her. It was my failure and cowardice that was staring back at me. I almost ran from her, not wanting to deal with the fact that I was the one personally who chased that monkey off, when it was trying to save that girl. It took Archibald to bring me back, wanting to do the right thing. He is far more a paladin than I have been. We finally buried her back at camp and prayed for her soul to find it’s way safely.

Then once again I found a terrible decision cross my lips, this time being corrected by my own mentor Balbas! We met some of the local hunters in our path, and after some talk with them they acted very strangely, and carried the same vine rope that the girl was tied with. Reminding myself of some of my old tricks in the day it looked like the perfect set up for an ambush to get us later. I felt it, and expressed that were should be ready to fight at a moments notice as we cross directly into them, practically looking for a fight. Balbas put me in my place, letting me know that there is no actual proof that they killed the girl, and their attitude was strange, but so are their ways, that this could make or break our chance to succeed in these uncharted lands, and that to judge a man without a proper trial was as far from Abadar as I could cross. To think that I actually suggested such a thing! I felt like I wasn’t ready to be out of the church yet, but Dhalhria insisted. It’s too late to run with my head in shame, I’m doing this for everything I’ve done in my past… and for Dhalhria. She saved me and I will make sure that I show her how much I believe in her trust.

Edo's Journey 3 - Fork in the Road

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