Edo's Journey 5 - What are the Odds

If I thought the jungle was just misrepresented before now, those thoughts are all but purged from my mind. I must try hard to see the good, but after these past few days it must be hidden in some dark secret area. We found the outpost of New Limit and found that these men are all but assured death if something does not change soon. Archibald nor I could convince them that they needed to move, as this was their only opportunity for glory. The men believe they have no other choice to achieve their greatness without this camp. I respect that dedication, as I feel the same with my path, so I offered to help them in any way I could. Ducal, a man who commands a great loyalty among all of his people gave me a copy of a piece of the map. The map that supposedly needed to keep away from the monkeys and give it to a very shady deep elf in order to help them. I don’t know why this map suddenly did not need to be protected from the hostile monkeys anymore, maybe if they failed they would care not the fate of those that were left behind. I was also told that I would not like this elf, and I can hope that this Grendel is kind enough to help Ducal and his men with this bribe. Maybe I can offer to buy the map from him after I give it to him, as it drives my curiosity greatly.

I found that the most beautiful things in the jungle are also the most dangerous. A flower that entrances someone to allow it to feed on them. It was a dangerous fight, and without my devotion to Abadar I could not say if Mitzy or I would even be alive now. We found later that there is a huge swarm of them west of the best fruit that I have ever eaten, and dared not to find out why they were all in that area. They seem only able to see with movement and sound in short ranges, maybe only with movement as I found in the most terrifying night I’ve had yet, something that I am afraid will not true as we stay longer in this jungle.

Another terrifying moment was the day I thought I lost Archibald. I know it is foolish to think that all of us will survive this campaign, especially after seeing how well New Limit fared, but I will make sure with all my power that it will not happen without a fight. We found our first encounters of pure evil, and another sign of those evil runes. If I thought I had Abadar’s strength behind me against the natives, I was quickly proven how much more Abadar hated those demons. My sword blazed with a hot light that easily cut one of the fiends low within moments. They were very tactical as their leader waited sometime before showing himself, after I had already called Abadar for this day. His onslaught was small, but effective. Slowly stiffening our muscles until Archibald could not move and then moved for the kill. He would have had his day if it wasn’t for the eating habits of our large companion. He was saved by a wheel of cheese that he must have been saving for third dinner, or whatever times he sets out for his meals. I believe he is far more experienced in dealing with setbacks more than I had imagined. Had it been anyone else in his spot, they would have met their end at that small creature then and there.

Now for my greatest challenge, carrying Archibald back to the wagons. I don’t know how far they made it into the jungle, nor how far we are as well, it may be a far walk.

Edo's Journey 5 - What are the Odds

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