Edo's Journey 7 - Moment of Glory

Tonight has been the best night that I have had since this whole trip. In just a few moves, I was able to secure the paperwork for every single slave in this city, managed to also free Mitzy and Lost from Jessyca, and the best part was I got them by securing a position of power giving Abadar two votes on how to proceed and also removing the most unpredictable voter on the table in one move. I was also surprised that Tigz gave me her slave papers as well, seeing as I figured she bonded pretty well with Stroot. I was glad that I was able to free her on the spot.

This leaves me clear headed enough to take on the next two obstacles ahead, how to actually get possession of the slaves in a timely and safe manner, and how to convince Kreed that freeing them is the best course of action. To be honest, I believe all three founders are not opposed to using slaves and I’m a bit disappointed in Father Balbas in that. True, we cannot change all civilization overnight to remove slaves, but removing one’s free will destroys his ability to grow and therefore grow civilization. Opportunity is the best motivator and even though free will brings evil, it can bring the best out of people as well.

I went to personally bring the news that Jessyca had freed both of her slaves to each to see their reactions. Jim Lost, well I guess I should not have been surprised but he never really knew he was a slave or even knew where he was really. I guess that means that Jessyca treated them well but if she truly cared about them, she would have freed them herself. Now Mitzy, on the other hand, was extremely happy. I do not know how she was treated before hand, but how she acted you would have imagined she was beaten everyday. She jumped up and down and practically launched herself at me. I joined her in a hug and felt that I finally was able to make someone’s life better since I’ve become a paladin.

I made sure she understood that the only payment I wanted for her freedom, is to make sure she understands that there are always people who need help, and that she should lend her help when she could. Not to take over their problems, but to help them through them, as that is how people grow, and in turn society as well. She listened, but I’m not sure how much as soon as I stopped talking she went to get drinks. She actually brought me something not filled with ale. It was some sort of sweet berry drink, it actually tasted pretty good. I then made sure to let her know that she and Jim were hired officially in the same roles they were already in, if they accepted. She instantly did.

Watching everyone having fun that night was amazing, with our new friends we had much to celebrate. Mitzy and Tigz got together at one point and wanted to start a drinking contest. Something about a new experience or what not. After a moment, I started getting tired, more tired than I would imagine. After running through mines and tunnels, then spending most of the day filling out paperwork I could easily believe my body was ready for some extra rest. I went up to the room, falling on the bed almost immediately after closing the door. It was a nice warm feeling as I drifted off.

The next morning I made to move over Mitzy as she usually sleeps later than I, but nearly jumped when I felt a second lump in the bed. I looked over and saw Tigz on the other side of me. Oh geez, Abadar help me it seems like I just attract the small ladies. Getting up I looked at my armor on the side and frowned. It isn’t stacked neatly like it should be, if they are going to keep this up, I need to make sure they don’t knock it over next time they come in. That drinking contest no doubt.

Edo's Journey 7 - Moment of Glory

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