Edo's Journey 8 - Hidden Secrets

How far do I go to uncover everyone’s dirt? It seems like everyone has something to hide, but then again I seem to be one of them. I could only imagine what they would think of me if they knew my true past, the sadistic murder that used to be in this body. Or would I be the one surprised that they would accept me more than now?

Freeing the slaves from everyone had been one of the best feelings in the world to me, it was hard and Kibwe will falter from the economic blow, but now it should give them opportunity to adapt and survive without slaves, hopefully. Abadar forgive me, for our city could grow so much bigger and better on the backs of freed men. You will find no stronger workers than ones who work for opportunity. The fact that nearly all of them stayed with us to wander into the jungle is a testament to how much they wished change upon their lives.

We managed to gain quite a few allies, sadly most of them I do not approve of. The master of the mines, I can only imagine what Kreed promised him to allow us to walk with all of the slaves. He did not want me in the talks, which leads me to believe that somehow they are still slaves, or that he somehow haggled down the percentage that he offered us the first time. I can only trust that keeping the men under our control is Kreeds’ ultimate goal, as he wants to succeed.

Baron Zieed, a man that I have nearly attacked in the city limits. I know that Abadar’s teachings are the only thing that kept my blade still. That and the fact that I am more compelled to believe the Baron over Mazani who I could easily see selling off his own friends to save his hide. The fact that the men are in a silenced caravan gave me pause. I intended to follow up on his supposed sale, but Mazani had already left, and it seems like he plans to recollect some of our freed men. It looks like I’ll have the chance to ask him personally soon enough. The Baron has given me no reason to distrust him otherwise, and I feel that maybe he is truly trying to do good by the laws of this city, and I cannot fault him for that. At least, I can only hope. I will be exploring that further when I am able.

Jessyca and Kreed have both shown an interesting side of them. Kreed most likely has always been like this all along and so far he still allows us to help guide him. He has started showing more resentment towards me lately and I have to show him that I am going what is right and still allowing our city to prosper. I know he wants to succeed in the cheapest way possible, but I want to leave something that will truly grow and thrive well beyond my time. I just need to make sure that I show him as much evidence to help my arguments, as he will not argue against facts. Jessyca seems to have a hidden agenda somewhere in her mind. I do not know if it was a ploy from the mesmerizing Rowyn Kellani to loosen our bonds, or if she indeed has some sort of hand in our decisions. Getting her vote away from her is at least a good start, and with the lovely Rowyn’s little comment during the negotiations should keep her vote in my hands for the time being, as Kreed is against her, and Balbas is with me. It makes perfect sense, that we would have such ease in the initial setup at their section of the city with Jessyca being at least part Aspis. If that is where it ends, then I hold no grudge. Since they may have some gain from our city prospering they may not completely attack us since they may have bet on two horses.

The only man I wish I could bring down is that bastard Kersh. He killed two people out of spite, and after talking to the other freed slaves I could only imagine how many more fell to his base instincts. I wonder if that would be the person I would have become if I did not get saved? Someone who uses their power to destroy people because he can? It makes me glad that my life changed for the good. Since they were still his slaves, I cannot strike him down per the laws and it burns inside. If I get the chance, I do not know how I could look him straight in the face and just charge him money for damaging my “property”. It will take all my strength to not just strike him down where he stands.

Let that man walk into our city and I will make sure his stay is most brief. So it is written, Abadar.

Edo's Journey 8 - Hidden Secrets

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